Thoughts on last term

My favourite topic last term was the Vikings because we got to learn about how they travelled. In this topic I learnt two facts and one of them are the Vikings travelled in Longships so they lived near the sea. Another fact is that they came from Scandinavia. I am mostly proud of my handwriting because it is very neat.

My AM target was my mistakes because when I cross it out it looks very messy. I haven’t managed to achieve it because I keep scribbling it out. My behaviour is good because I don’t talk when the teacher is talking.

The target I would set would be my handwriting or not to talk when the teacher is talking.



I practice mathletics because it helps me to sharpen my brain and it helps me get more and more intelligent. I like to go on live mathletics because you could play against other people and you can play against People who are in your class. When you play live mathletics your typing skills gets faster and your reaction gets bigger. Mathletics makes me understand my addition , subtraction , division , multiplication in various ways.