Thoughts on last term

My favourite topic last term was the Vikings because we got to learn about how they travelled. In this topic I learnt two facts and one of them are the Vikings travelled in Longships so they lived near the sea. Another fact is that they came from Scandinavia. I am mostly proud of my handwriting because it is very neat.

My AM target was my mistakes because when I cross it out it looks very messy. I haven’t managed to achieve it because I keep scribbling it out. My behaviour is good because I don’t talk when the teacher is talking.

The target I would set would be my handwriting or not to talk when the teacher is talking.


My previous term

Last term my favourite topic was the Vikings because we made a Viking Longship. In this topic I remembered two facts, one of these facts are that the Vikings sailed the seas in various longships. My other fact is that the Viking longships had dragon heads on the front of the longship to scare enemies. Last term I was proud of my Longship I made because I was taking my time and I got help. I settled into year 4 because I got on with my peers and my teacher helped me a lot.

My assertive mentoring target was to be ready to learn on the carpet. I think I achieved my goal but sometimes am still not ready because I forget to bring my stuff and I talk a lot. Interestingly, I can evaluate my behaviour and readiness for learning by not talking to my friends and bringing my toolkit. My relationship with my teachers are going great but with my peers they talk to me so it’s not going to well at the moment. My target for Spring will be to talk less to my friends.