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Is it okay to gift someone something dangerous?

This week we have been reading a story about a king who gave his twins a pet dragon for their birthday, so we still ask this question: ‘Is it okay to give someone something dangerous, if it could help them one day.?’ In these next few paragraphs, I will be explaining why I agree with the statement.

The reason I agree with the statement is that if I had a dragon I would feel powerful and have a feeling that no one could hurt me. This would help to protect villages if one day they were to be attacked or if someone you know is in danger.

Some people may disagree with my point as maybe if something is dangerous to someone else it may also be a danger to me. But I think in this case if the dragon is well trained, then it will be like a soldier that can help in battle and keep me out of danger.

Well done Freddie! You have made some good points to argue the question. I can see you have experimented with word choices and sentence types. To make this a complete Y6 piece of writing, you would need a conclusion paragraph, which I’m sure you drafted!

About me

One of my hopes is to be able to do 50 kick ups by the end of the yeart I want to do this because it is one of my milestones then I will go up to 75 them to 100. My other hopes are if someone asks me a 2 by 2 digit sum I can solve it in my head this will help me in test so then when I see one I can answer it very quickly then move on tour harder problems. My final dream is to be a football and this has been my dream since I was a little boy and will always be my dream.

One of my love and passions is my football team rowdies there are one of my loves and passions because they are like a secondream family to me I’ve been playing for them for over five years now and there are many more to come. The other love and passion I have is going on the trampoline i don’t normolu talk aboutique this because  it isn’t really one of those things but I really really lovery to just go on the trampoline.

One of my talents is not one i really talk about is table tennis I really love table tennis even though I am not the best at it is still try yearly hard to find myour feat in this wonderfully sport almost all of my family is good a table tennis which is where, I think I get it from. The other thing I’m good at is one that I love to play football,  I get this from my hole family they all love football some of my family love arsenal and some man u but it is still my favorite talent I like to play every day it is just the best

An elbow high five

Lonely sad and isolated -does this sound like a life that you would like to live in? All across England people are trying their best to stay at home. They cannot leave their house and go any closer than two metres and you can’t touch one another. That’s how I had the idea of a way that you can high five without using your hands. Instead of doing a normal high five, do an elbow high five, which is what I call the non regular high five (for short tnrhf), which stands for that. My name is Freddie and I will tell you more.

The “non regular high five” is not any normal high five – it is a high five without using your hands just to keep safe, so it is pretty simple really. There are two different ways of doing this, but the best bit about this is that you can also try to make a third way. The first way is pretty simple, all you have to do is get a jumper or a long leaved shirt, so you can go up to someone else and give them an elbow high five. The second way of doing this is to get your phone (if you have one) and call someone: this is called the virtual high five (really there are so many names for this). When you have called someone, all you have to do is give them a virtual elbow high five – it’s that easy.

Although  in difficult times like this you will have to video call someone, with the elbow high five just go up to someone and give them an elbow high five then run two metres away into your back garden or back into your car if you drove to see someone. It is also a different way, so then you are not always looking into a screen, you are also going outside and also seeing family members in this difficult time. (You need to wear a long sleeved t shirt or a jumper.)

I chose this because I thought that no one else would choose this as their invention. Also it is a nice way of saying hello to someone instead of a hand shake. I also chose this as my product because after you do it, you might want to think of more ways to do this new cool hand shake.

Well done Freddie for completing your first home learning big write! You have included some subordinate clauses and relative clauses.

There were some mistakes still, where you hadn’t uplevelled using the feedback you were given! Think about this on your next big write! 

Keep safe through this hard time

At the moment times have not been the best as we can not see friends and family’s but the way that you could keep happy and entertained is by maybe playing with your siblings or playing q in your garden or maybe could ring or reading and watching movies on you tv. The way that I keep happy is by in the morning I do my work then I might watch a movie with my brothers and mum and dad then I might play some fifa which is nice and after that we might have some special sweets or treats then we have dinner then we could even play a broad game and so could every one else. My first two weeks have a actually not been that bad I wake up do work and every day I reapeat that but not the same things different every day and I also sometimes have a nice walk with my family and it’s really fun but i mid swing my friend,teachers and family. Every one else can keep safe by washing there hands before eating after touching something you are inshore of and keeping 2 metre apart form people because you could have civid  19 and not know it but if you stay away from people you don’t know and only go out if needed for food expesize and activity’s like that we can quickly get through this hard and streasfull time so just try keeping safe and sane and this time work so only pass. If you are really missing your family and friends you could call them and talk and play games with them while talking ok the phone and you could even download the party house app to play games with your family and friends my mum says it is a really good app and loads of at other  people would most likely recommend it too get through hard times like this.(so every one keep safe and have fun).

The mystery of the missing diamond

Agent Paffet and agent Freddie were playing football in the garden when the diamond of the future was stolen from the museum of life.

It was there job to try and get it back. All that was left was a 20p that probably fell out of his pocket it look similar like the one that mr star had then they though (Freddie said) I swear I’ve seen that some where before so now we have a mission to solve to try and find the missing diamond’ then they thought what if it is mr stars but all he done for us he would never ever do any think like that. We need to find more clues.

first we went to Stanley the person behind the walkeytalkeys  and who helps us solve our cases I don’t think he would of stole it but we have to look we went up to him and asked if he heard anything he said no and we kind of believed him because we were talking to him the hole time when we sore the diamond got taken then we went to our friend mr James one of our close friends who we have been friends with for ages but he said he didn’t really know what it was.If he said that to you would you believe him or think he is guilty? Then we went to agent Freddie’s house to see his 2 brothers Charlie and Oscar to see if they had taken it Oscar was wearing a green huddy with a big beanie hat witch was shaped like a diamond but Oscar took his hat of and it was just some paper that he had put under there for some weird reason. Then we went to Charlie he probably didn’t know about any thing because he was only 2 so we asked him but he didn’t answer because he was to busy on his iPad (like normal). Then we thought who else would if stollen the diamond then agent paffet wisperred shat If what if it was our old aggent that got kicked out because he didn’t like what he was told to do so we went to see our old buddy aggent Jimmy to ask if he had stolen it because he was mad at us but he wasn’t home and there was a letter saying gone away so we didn’t spend much time.

Then there was one person we hadn’t seen since the crime. Mr star we went back to the bass and tried to find him we looked in the living room kitchen and even the toilet then we sore a blazing blue light coming from his room and it looked like the diamond of the future so we shouted mr star and he said wait a muinet boys then we heard a bang coming out of his room then we went into his room he was suspiciously gone all that was left was his star mask and a  20p.


circulatory system

The heart is a vital organ that pumps blood around the body. The heart is a curtail part of your body because it help us humans survive. this is because without the heart you would not have any blood and you will stop breathing. The heart carry the oxygen around the body which, helps us breath. Then the lungs will relies the carbon dioxide. The  average amount of  heartbeats is about 100,000 times which means in your life your heartbeats over 2.5 million times. Your heart is the same size as your fist clench.

The human circulatory system is made up of the heart, blood vessels and the lung. Without this we would die as soon as we were born. Every part of our body is important and we need. blood is red and veins. The heart goes first right atrium, then the tricuspid valve (like a door way that only open one way). (otherwise the oxygen and carbon dioxide go together and then you might die) then the right ventricle finally up the pulmonary  valve. The returning blood cells the first left atrium then through then through the left ventricle the to the aortic valve. When you breath in oxygen then it goes to your lungs and then you breath carbon doxiade out.