Diary entry as Stanley Yelnats by Tyler

Dear Diary,

Im in a lot of pain right now and i am struggling to right you, this is because I just finished digging a 5ft long and 5ft deep hole! Why would people do this to me?! One hole down, a hundred left to go, that’s what everyone says here. I can’t believe that I was sent to this hell hole! I thought I was going to camp for the first time in my life, I thought I was going to swim in a lake surrounded by thousands of trees. The reason I thought all that was because this place is called Camp Green Lake. It does sound like a place that you would go to on holiday don’t it. This is the worst day I’ve ever had since yesterday! I think the family’s curse had done all of this! My family apparently have a curse because of my great great grandfather. I don’t believe in the curse neither does my mum, but my dad and grandpa however does believe in it. Guess what this place is so bad that I rather go prison instead. I bet jail will treat us better and give us better food then sick with the side of dog briskets! They said the food was hot and taste perfect, well they lied by a long shot. This place is just the worsted!

my “friends” back at home will come back from summer camp and just gossip about how good and fun it was, in what why is digging a 5ft deep and 5ft long hole fun! When I got to Camp Green Lake from a 9 hour bus drive! It was nothin of what I though. I thought I would be swimming in a luxury lake for hour, not drowning in my sweat while also trying to get out of a 5ft deep hole. I thought I would explore the forest nature, not explore the camp site looking for a shower out side! When I was pushed off of the bus, there was a sigh saying welcome to Camp Green Lake, please don’t bring no drugs, alcohol, weapons, and bombs onto the premises. I couldn’t help but think well der I was dragged to a office.

Once I got to the office I met fresh air conditioning and also I was met face to face with by far the scariest looking person I have ever met! He said to call him Mr Sir. I couldn’t help but laugh. I was also wondering what was his surname was, I was thinking some sort of wired name that he wanted no one to find out what it is. He had a tattoo of a rattlesnake on his arm, it moved around like is was real ever time he move his arm. He was also wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses inside. Like, it is normal for cowboys to wear cowboy hats but not inside! And there is like no sunshine inside so I have no idea why he was wearing sunglasses inside I found that wired. He threw me some orange suit to put on. He made me take of my cloths in front of him! I thought for why? And then, all of the sudden a person that was smaller then me and no as nearly as scary as Mr Sir barges in. He said hi Stanley, I thought to myself how does he know my name I never met this person before. He said his name was Mr Pendanski and he was my counsellor. It annoyed me when he spelt out his name like 3 simple words pen-dance-ski, that annoyed me because he said it like I was 2 years old! Me and Mr Pendanski left the room and walked across the camp, he was showing me around. Then 2 kids pushed past and then Mr Pendanski called them other. There names are Alan and Rex but after they shook my hand they said there names aren’t Rex and Alan it was X-Ray and Squid I thought why would anyone want to be called Squid and I can understand that why someone will want to be called X-ray. And also it took me a second to realise that one of them where black and the other was white. Mr Pendanski said that they all have nicknames so X-Ray and Squid aren’t there real names. I met a few other camp mates, there names are: Armpit, Magnet, Zig-Zag, and Zero. And also I have to sleep on a bed on the floor and it use to be the bed of someone called Barf Bag.

Right now I bet my mum and dad are crying there eyes out I would to but I don’t want to too but I don’t want to have the nickname Cry Baby! If I was at home I would be having a nice hot dinner but instead I’m have a dinner that looks like sick and taste like dog food and cat food mixed together. I think back and home my mum and dad are feeling very lonely with out me even though they have each other to talk to. I’m crying into my pillow while everyone else is asleep because I don’t want them to hear me. If you ever read my diary and start thinking I’m a wimp. I’m not it’s just that I get emotional when ever I’m away from my family for ages. So this is the end of my diary. Time to dig another hole!

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