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Are you afraid that your child will keep breaking the law? Do you feel like your child is turning into a law-breaking criminal? Has your child forgotten what the rules are and how to follow them? Well, stop worrying, there is a solution. Imagine a place where your child is free to learn from their mistakes, a place were they receive the best care possible, a place where they can be reformed into a law-abiding citizen of the USA: this is Camp Green Lake! Camp Green Lake, which is located in amazing Texas landscape, is a truly special place, where highly-trained professionals support young offenders get their lives started again through rehabilitation. Juvenile correctional facilities (JCF), like Camp Green Lake, are the best option for rehabilitating young felons and preparing them for a brighter future. Some children are sent to jail to be isolated behind iron bars; others are fortunate enough to be given a second chance at a JCF. We have designed our Camp to be like a summer camp , with activities, new friendships and most important a chance to change. The question is: Does this sound like the place your child should go to?

Welcome to Camp Green Lake 

How is Camp Green Lake different to other (JCF) you may be asking? Well, here at Camp Green Lake we do things bit differently. We don’t like  keeping children in locked places like prison cells. We do not believe in fences and bars. We want the children to roam around the place like a free animal and make friends with other children, as this offers the opportunity to experience new things. Every single child will get their own bed in a tent that they share with a highly trained councillor to support and guide them. Fortunetly, It take less than 10 hours to get here from any location. This means that camper get the time needed to think about their choices and the reasons why they are being sent to us. Once here, every child will have to dig a hole in the ground as their daily exercise, then they have the rest of the day to themselves. We believe that deep down everyone is outstanding and has the potential to be something great, but sometimes you have to dig down to find it. It has been proven that the more children dig with us, the more character they build. Every day your child will have the opportunity to enjoy the Texas heat,  but we understand the importance of keeping cool and have many ways that campers can do this. By taking a refreshing and cold shower, campers can wash away old habits, and start off clean. While staying with us, your child will have their own highly-trained counsellor to offer them guidance and help on their journey to a new life. No one gets left behind at Camp Green Lake!

Location and History

There is a place in Far West Texas, that people from all around the world travel too, because of it is beauty. In this place, the sky is alive with a thousand shades of blue, a open plain field stretches into the distant horizon , with dazzling nature wonders all around. This is Big Bend, in Texas, the home of Camp Green Lake. Luckily, enough to call this picturesque paradise home, this perfect location , offers the solution you have been looking for: escape into the nature, escape into the paradise.(Stop) We do not believe in fences and bars, because we want children free, and we want them to explore the, native freely. This place is as beautiful as a master- piece, but you will have to come and see it to believe it!

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