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The Circulatory system is one of three important systems in you’re body. It’s job is to supply Blood Cells around you’re Body dropping off oxygen and then picking up Co2 (Carbon dioxide)   to take back to the heart. (Did you know that the  Heart is the same size as a clenched fist. The Heart sits in the chest just in front of the lungs. The heart, which beats on average a 100,000 times a day which is 36,500,000 times a year or 36,600,000 times in a leap year) is the key part of of the circulatory system. Without it you would die almost instantly. To understand this we will have to look at this closely. Come through this with me as we explore the circulatory system.

Soon after leaving you will enter the right atrium. You enter this when you are on your way to the Lungs. The right atrium is one  of the main chambers of the Human heart.The atrium is connected via a valve -which controls the direction of the blood flow-to the right ventricle.The ventricle is a group of muscles  that when the heart pumps it sends the blood hurtling to the lungs  to collect the much needed oxygen for the rest of the body  At this point as the blood has no oxygen it is called deoxygenated blood and it travels down the veins.

Moving onto the lungs. The lungs are very very important as without them them  you can not breathe and like the heart you would die almost instantly. The lungs job is to feed the blood cells oxygen and to take the Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) oh of your body. Red blood cells within the blood collect oxygen and take it back towards the heart to be delivered around the body:these are now oxygenated blood cells.

As soon as,the blood cells re-enter the heart they are ready to be pumped around the body. For example, let’s say that the blood cell is going to travel to the hand. In a matter of seconds the heart will pump the blood cell to the hand. It will drop off all of its oxygen and then pick up Carbon dioxide.


Finally, the blood cell will turn around and begin its journey back to the heart. Once it arrives it will simply complete the same process again. This is because the circulatory system is a cycle meaning that it is a continuous non-stop circle around the body. That is what the circulatory system is.






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  1. Well explained. I like your clear introduction. The circulatory system is complicated, but amazing, isn’t it?

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