Volcanoes and Earthquakes -Geography-


Volcanoes can be active which means that it still erupts to these year, dormant means they are sleeping and may take more than 10,000 years to erupt again, Extinct volcanoes are volcanoes that won’t ever erupt again but some of them might. Most volcanoes  are in the ring of fire located near the pacific. When a volcano erupts people that live on the same area as the volcano will sail away, lots of people don’t survive these natural disasters. Do you know about Pompeii? Well Pompeii is a volcano which was a dormant volcano and erupted lots of people had died some of them managed to survive by travelling on boats just before the lava reached shore, houses were destroyed and lives were destroyed.


Earthquakes form by tectonic plates when the rub together. Most of the earthquakes happen in the ring of fire located in the pacific volcanoes are also located in this area. If you live in a area most likely to have an earthquake stay away from glass, hide under something that will protect you from the building falling on you, cover you’re head from the collapsing building and don’t run outside because there is a possibility that buildings and other structures will collapse on you. Sometimes a fire might form by the tectonic plates rubbing against each other. Cracks would be formed bursting water pipes and electrical wires would be seen on the hard floor. Bricks would fall out of buildings and glass would shatter and fall to the ground!


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-Geography- (volcanoes and earthquakes)


-Earthquakes- happens when two platforms rub together they are called tectonic plates there are lots of tectonic plates located in in the ring of fire!the ring of fire is a dangerous place but home of people Earthquakes cannot happen in England because this is a island(islands are around water so it makes an island)people cannot survive mostly like the earthquake In Syria(turkey) but it depends how harmful it is!

-volcanos-volcanoes are a very harmful thing can be dormant or active even extinct!who knows?do you know the story of Pompeii?I’ll tell you!So long ago there was a island called Pompeii it was a very nice volcano until one day… the volcano was about to erupt something had happened the volcano erupted ash covered up the village people managed to go on boats some died people say people turned into stone the village is not fully discovered scientists are trying to discover what had happened but nobody knows really I hope you liked the story!!! Is a true story so real story

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I think that volcanos is really hot that people can die and the volcanos did the houses or apart meant bad and broken.

And the lava in volcanos are broken volcanos even people are dead and the lave in the volcano is hot and big.

And the big apart meant is really dead and the people is walking on broken apart meant.

I think that volcano is in the water or it just smoke on the water.

The earthquake can break the road and the car can be stuck in the place if that happen you need to drive really fast to not be stuck.

if the cars or houses are broken because if earthquake did that if you hire it you need to hight under the table of drive away because earthquake is really  hard it can kill hard and earthquakes can happen every were and every places.


when volcanoes are formed it can erupt at any point and it can cause a bit of destruction at the same time like a earthquake and it can be very powerful and strong.

Earth can have earthquakes and you have to think positive and go under a table and say safe and you won’t get hurt and stay safe.

volcanos can make a big earthquake and you need to be safe and careful. it can happen from the tectonic plates and other things like volcanoes there are some extinct volcanoes and  some can erupt at anytime and tectonic plate can split continents in the same way as all of the other ones. Some can kill other people and if you don’t want to be hurt go under a sturdy table or a chair.
If I were in a earthquake I would be under a table or in the lowest part of my house.
You can live on an extinct volcano you can build on it and you can live there as well as a nice view of a volcano that has planets and other things like trees.Several hazards may affect the area around the volcano, such as lava flows, pyroclastic flows and landslides or debris avalanches. Volcanic activity also produces hazards that can affect areas far from the volcano, such as tephra or ash falls, releases of gas and tsunamis.

Farming. Volcanic environments can be good locations for farming. Volcanic deposits are enriched in elements such as magnesium and potassium. When volcanic rock and ash weathers, these elements are released, producing extremely fertile soils.

This is good for increasing renewable energy use. Ash ejected by the volcano acts as a good fertiliser for soils. Volcanoes attract many tourists, who enjoy the dramatic scenery that they produce. Rising magma brings valuable minerals to the surface, creating mining opportunities.

Ash, mudflows, and lava flows can devastate communities near volcanoes and cause havoc in areas far downwind, downstream, and downslope. Even when a volcano is quiet, steep volcanic slopes can collapse to become landslides, and large rocks can be hurled by powerful.

More than 80% of the earth’s surface is volcanic in origin. The sea floor and some mountains were formed by countless volcanic eruptions. Gaseous emissions from volcano formed the earth’s atmosphere. There are more than 500 active volcanoes in the world.

Volcanos are dangerous and can be really hot but they are pretty and they can hurt you but if you are with a professional you are safe and going to fine.

But if you live too close to a volcano—and it erupts—it can be lethal. If you live with a volcano like Merapi, it’;s wise to watch it closely. Volcanoes provide fertile soil–as well as deadly hot hurricanes of lava and ash.

Volcanoes and earthquakes

I will tell you some really good facts about volcanoes and earthquakes.


. They use a thing called a ricter scale and a mercalli scale


1. Get down on the floor

2. Cover you head and neck with your arms

3. If possible, get under a strong piece of furniture

4. Try to hold on and wait for the shaking to stop


on the first layer there is the crust which is round 1000-2000km thick. Under that is the mantle, it is round 3000 degrees. Under that layer is the outer core, it is round 4000 degrees. And in the centre of the earth, there is the inner core, it is round 5000 degrees.


When a volcano erupts, lava comes out. After a while, the lava will dry on top of the Volcano, which will cause the volcano to be larger.


Pressure in the earth causes magma go up,  the magma goes through a magma chamber To get to the main vent. Some magma might break through the volcano and comes out on the side.

Volcanos & earthquakes

So the earth is made by crust inner core out/outer core also mental and the earthquakes happens if the tectonic plates move up down or move away from each other, You also need to learn what to do when the earthquake so u cover ur neck and head because they are most important things to cover and u You also have to go under a strong/solid platform we’re done with earthquakes so we can move on to volcano so what can I remember is that if earthquakes can start volcanoes erupt and I’m gonna try to say what I can remember is that volcano is made out from crater but I don’t remember rest of it oh and the lil smoke/clouds are like coming out of the volcano so I think I gave u enough facts to learn have fun reading it =)

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All about what we learned in geography!


I  learned in geography that earthquakes are measured by Richter scale. Also I learned a lot more about earthquakes and volcanos but I’ll start with earthquakes first. When an earthquake is happening you get down and tuck your self in or you could go under something strong. An earthquake will only go on for a few minutes but if it’s really bad maybe days! Earthquakes are caused by the 2 templates under ground they could bump into each other or go under or slide up. I don’t know if heard on the news but an earthquake in turkey has happened recently. It was a really bad earthquake!


The melted rock, or magma, is lighter than the surrounding rock and rises up. This magma collects in magma chambers, but it is still miles below the surface. When enough magma builds up in the magma chamber, it forces its way up to the surface and erupts, often causing volcanic eruptions. One of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of a volcanic eruption is having an evacuation plan. This involves ensuring evacuation strategies are in place along with emergency shelter and food supplies being planned for.

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