Everything about animals

Facts about animals! Most animals have abilities like birds have the ability to fly. Did you know that fleas can jump 350 times it’s body length but hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?

Crocodiles can not stick their tongue out. However starfishes do not have brain like humans do. There are slugs that have 4 noses and only  female mosquitos can bite then what do male mosquitoes do?

Did you know that polar bear skin is actually black and the only mammal capable of flight is the bat?



Here are some  pictures of a kaiju.   Godzilla is a mutated dinosaur earth Godzilla is the biggest standing at a whopping 300 meters tall in the show it had been 20,000 years  since human’s visited. I chose kaijus as a topic because I love kaijus. Here are some pictures of his son here is him when he is in Christmas mode

Shin Godzilla is the weirdest of the bunch here is a picture of himhere is king ghidora Here is king ghidora fighting shin Godzilla here is mecha king ghidora here are some kaiju hybrids The end

Penguin blogger

Welcome to penguins blog. The aim of this blog is to save penguins from climate change. You can get penguins originally from Antartica But that’s not the only place. You can find penguins in Africa, New Zealand and Galapagos island.  🐧❤️

Here  are some facts

penguins don’t have teeth

 There are 18 species of penguins

The smallest penguin s 1 foot tall

The largest penguin is the emperor penguin

penguins are monogamous

thank you for reading. I hope you start helping penguins with climate change

My and my friends

I  am Lillie-may and I Like eating cookies and I have a BFF code Lilliy-mae she  is the best friend event and I Love unicorns because they are the

best and rainbow and colours and they are really and they love them and I have a another friend   called willow-Ann  and my bff for Life is Lilliy -mae she the best the I Like her as my bff for Life and she make me happy every day.










My Cat

My cat

Hi welcome to my blog and if what my name is Natalia and l will tell you about my cat:)’

He is always sleeping with my mom but sometimes he sleeps with me. Sometimes he goes outside for overnight he is very cute when he is sleeping and he very fat he finds new friends. Also his favourite thing to do is to play. l find him a random toy he lays with his tiny cute hands and plays with it when nobody is home he is sleeping eating and miss us when we we’re going to my grandma my cat follows the car. He is very lovely and caring about us. Hismost favourite thing to do is to lick the fluffy blanket and that’s all for my cat 🙂



Panda’s blog

Come to magical panda’s place. Panda’s are very interesting you can get brown panda’s and red and Maybe all  colour’s you can find them in rain forest not all the time but panda’s eat bamboo and that very cool definitely cooler snakesmy second favourite animal is sloth there very cute the reason I love them is because there funny and there slow and cute not many people like them but a lot of people love them like I do

Logan’s holiday!

in the middle of the summer holidays, I want to Cornwall all the way at the bottom of England. It was a 6 hour drive in a car it was super long! When we got there it was a struggle because the power we couldn’t turn on at the little house. The first day we got there after we figured it out we like chilled for the first day. We were watching the news and the first day we got there the war was happening with Russia and Ukraine.

The next day after a long nice sleep the beds were so comfy, I woke up and had breakfast at the wooden table. Later on we went to the cinema and my favourite part it was 3D! It was cool and even the seats moved from the movie and everything! We got to keep the 3D glasses. Later on that day before I went to sleep me and my aunti were scaring each other in the dark, it was so fun. Brushed my teeth and went to bed.

At night I was thinking the rest of the 6 days we was going to do. The next morning I had a shower and didn’t have breakfast. (I can’t remember all of it) my favourite parts is on Wednesday is when I went to a huge swimming pool!  
After a couple hours I was so sad we had to go but I got ice cream after so that was yummy!

The next day we went to a little beach that was super fun aLso I loved playing in the water but my favourite was a huge beach the very next day!
The next morning it was super busy we had to pack up to go it took about an hour and a half to pack up. On the way back home I was super exited to see my mum! We got food service on the drive which was McDonald’s! After a long drive I got home and was super happy.

introduction for Alaska 

as you all know Alaska is a very nice area in the world with snowy mountians, seathrough lakes and the animals  that live in freezing cold weather but because of climate change everything has changed. because of climate change there is a big difference and here is a list. number 1 because of climate change the heat has increased and the ice will melt. that is a problem because the animals can’t live there. Continue reading


Alaska is a beautiful place with polar bears and artic foxes but because of climate change it is being destroyed

Alaska is the biggest state you could fit 7 United Kingdoms in it. It has unique wild life like moose, whales, polar bears and artic foxes

Climate change is affecting Alaska by melting permafrost and drying the forests and that is causing forest fires which are releasing a orange gas.

Volcanoes and earthquake


Welcome to dinosaurs best ever facts you have ever seen.

The first Australian dinosaur is the minmi. The mimmi has spines all over his body for protecion. Minmi lived 133 million to 120 million. Minmi is 1600 kg. It lived in the early Cretaceous period.

Timumus  is genus of ceaurosaur theropod. The thigh bone is 44 cm.  Holotype specimen nmv  P 186303 was found in a layer of the Emeralla formation dating to albian faunal stage in the early Cretaceous some hundred and six million years ago.

Mudaberasaurus lived 125 million  to hundred million. Mudabrrasarus was 7 metres tall.It was a strong bold Dino and it is a plant eater.


It lived 115 million years to 100 million years. The diet of leaellynasaura is glossy dark green crunchy leaves. That’s all the dinos I know. I hope you enjoyed my tremendous facts.