Saving the wold and animals


we have been learning about climate change and how to help.

there is 5 different types of pollutions on earth. Light pollution noise, pollution air pollution water, pollution and soil, pollution which are effecting the world. Light pollution is when there are some light that are heating up the place more than usual as lights are

people are chopping down trees, just make them little bombs in houses and destroying animals homesin the process  also killing some animals some animals might go extinct because of it.

We can help by stop polluting the Earth, and then we can be really smart about the climate change so we can have a better life on earth 🌏 so our species will not be extinct by climate change. So we can help the Earth by stop polluting and stop using cause. I’m aeroplanes I’m late because then it was something like blue Jean night, my solution and other positions in the affecting the Earth.




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