Saving the wold and animals


we have been learning about climate change and how to help.

there is 5 different types of pollutions on earth. Light pollution noise, pollution air pollution water, pollution and soil, pollution which are effecting the world. Light pollution is when there are some light that are heating up the place more than usual as lights are

people are chopping down trees, just make them little bombs in houses and destroying animals homesin the process  also killing some animals some animals might go extinct because of it.

We can help by stop polluting the Earth, and then we can be really smart about the climate change so we can have a better life on earth 🌏 so our species will not be extinct by climate change. So we can help the Earth by stop polluting and stop using cause. I’m aeroplanes I’m late because then it was something like blue Jean night, my solution and other positions in the affecting the Earth.




About climates (also things related to it)

This blog is gonna talk about pollution or things related to it so we are gonna talk about waste or climates like pollution or also global warming and things like that.

1. Different types of  pollution

There are different types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and plastic pollution (waste) these types of pollution are caused by us humans. Also there are 90% of pollution in our world.
2. What causes global warming 

global warming is caused by many things like wasting energy for example you turn on the fan while your window is open and other things that cause global warming can be cutting down trees generating so much power and manufacturing goods

3. About Atmosphere waste

There are loads of things that litter the Atmosphere not also can it litter the Atmosphere it can pollute air also the polluted air contains toxic air that is harmful for us to inhale.

4. Conclusion

these facts are all you need to know about the world about pollution and waste also about the toxic air we create in this world. And this is what you should know about waste




Climate change

i Saw lots of trees being cut down and each year 15 billion trees are being destroyed and did u know that people breathe trees the oxygen come out of the trees and the more we cut the trees the less oxygen we breath

And there is a high chance that people get ill and die because we don’t know that we use the TREES FOR BREATHING!

also I seen lots of gas being used and lots of countries have fire and trees BRUN alive and the gas spreads and people can die of breathing the gas and the gas have the right to have VERY dangerous bacteria spreads and kills..

Did u know that in  a book that’s saves the world they’ve shown us that u don’t have to use the water u can use the shower and it cleans u faster and saves the water!

As the world is alone but there’s a special bubble the pretexts the world and if u don’t take care of it the bubble might pop and we might lose the gravity or air and we might go enxting.

By Natalia=)

Climate change

All about Alaska

Alaska is a bigger than the next three largest states it has almost 3 million lake, it has the least people,Alaska name comes from the native Aleut word which mean great land of the north and west coast of Alaska you may spot polar bears, be luga whales and walruses. More big mammals including black bears, moose,dall sheep ,musk oxen Caribou and the Kodak.Alaska is also homes to birds such as albatross, eagles and loons. The first people probably came to t is now 13000 years ago.

Climate change
Climate change refresh the long term changes in global temperatures and other characteristics 


Air pollution is refers to any physical, chemical Or biological change in the air .It is harmful to people, plants 🌱 and animals.

Deforestation is when forest are converted for other purposes by cutting down trees to clear the land for other use.  By consuming less, avoiding single use packaging, eating sustainable food this is how to stop Desforestation.

Tips on how to help to oceans:

Use few plastic because plastic can harm marine life by habitat destruction, clean the beach, save water  and while doing dishes etc, keep in mind were all the products go down the drain.

Pollution examples:

Air pollution, carbon, water, sulfur, acid rain, no2 and soil.

Deforestation examples:

Rain forest destruction, wood harvest, wood extraction and timber logging.

Atmosphere example:

Sunny, cloudy, rainy, cold, hot, windy, stormy and snowing. The things that is causing it is hydrogen and helium.

  1. Conserve Water. Use less water so excess runoff and wastewater will not flow into the ocean.
  2. Reduce Pollutants. …
  3. Reduce Waste. …
  4. Shop Wisely. …
  5. Reduce Vehicle Pollution. …
  6. Use Less Energy. …
  7. Fish Responsibly. …
  8. Practice Safe Boating.
  9. we don’t help the planet the trees will die and what did trees give us oxygen.
  10. Power down: Making little changes in the way we live can go a long way to reducing energy use—and carbon emissions. Try drying laundry on a clothesline or rack instead of in the dryer. Walk, bike, take the bus, or carpool to work or school. Replace light bulbs and older appliances with newer.
  11. Be careful of what you eat because when you eat something you may not love it and wasting food is bad.

What pollution is doing to our world!


Did you know right this second pollution is spreading around the world. As it kills animals and people in many different ways!

Pollution Defined

Pollution is defined as a harmful material into the environment. Surprisingly, pollution can be deadly but not a gas! These types of pollution are called light pollution, noise pollution, water pollution and one that we all know gas pollution.

Pollutions Effects

As you know, pollution can be highly toxic but it doesn’t just effect us it effects other things too. For example water pollution hurts the animals in lakes and rivers as well as the sea because leaks of oil leak out of boats and into the water. Noise pollution affects us as it tends to include stress, illness but it would be quite rare to die from it! Light pollution is a bit like noise pollution as it also can cause stress, illness and mental health issues.

How You Can Help

We can help the Earth by using hand me downs like toys, clothes and bikes or take some things like  food maybe even your time to charities. As well as, doing that, you could start to walk more, ride your scooter / bike and travel on a bus or a train.


As you can tell, pollution is a terrible problem for this world as the world deserves better. This our one and only Earth and our world gives us crazy adventures with beautiful creatures, sights, waterfalls and magical flowers / plants and we want to keep that world so you can help our world by doing these things, remember it’s not for me it’s not for you it’s for everyone and most of all our Earth!



Pollution and The Devastating Effects On Our Planet

Pollution is having a deadly impact on our environment and health! It’s having an effect on our oceans and the air we br

greenhouse gases are caused by deforestation and are released into our atmosphere which can have devastating . effects on our health . It can cause respiratory issues like asthma and bronchioles .
Pollution is having a massive effect on not just our health is found in the  ocean is killing the marine life pollution is also putting a hole in the ozone layer.

there are many ways  that  can all help to stop polluting our car less  planet we can drive our sure we use eco -friend products and encourage people to recycle.

Conclusion  we need to stop pllutien because it is killing the animals.

How to save people

We save people really much because they can be kind to you back and if you be kind and it makes you smart. And sometimes people are helping their families because sometimes Thay can even give you something when you finished like nearly all the family’s.


Global warming


Today I am going to talk about global warming. Global warming is bad because it means that all the ice will melt and the sea will over flow.

Global warming is bad because it means that when the ice melts the animals that live there won’t be able to and will die. Another thing is that if the ice melts and the sea will overflow and everything will flood. That  means that there will be nowhere for the animals to live.

Global warming is the long-term heating of Earth’s surface observed since the pre-industrial period (between 1850 and 1900) due to human activities, primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels in Earth’s atmosphere

global warming is hurting all of us and the way to stop it is by recycling and not wasting things. You should also not litter because it is bad for the environment and the animals.



it think I can improve on the amount of writing. I think I done well on complex sentences.


Pollution-big write


My topic is about pollution how it can effect us and other species and ways to prevent it!

Pollution is some type of gas that is bad for us and can be harmful to the environment/habitats,we already have lots of incidents that is happening like wildfires and also floods is because we are not taking care of the world this means we don’t care.

Pollution is not just effecting us it is effecting the animals habitats Also,if the animals are gone a big problem can occur example if there are no bees how’d we get honey? Some people don’t like it but what if there were no other food you’d have to hunt?

But how do we prevent it? You can walk go on a bicycle or not use a car at least (im not saying that you can’t drive a car) fun fact:did you know that when electric cars are built pollution comes out of it!(I think).

Thank you for reading I really appreciate it,hope you have a good day and I also hope that this can help you take care of the world bye!