Alaska and climate change

Climate change

 Has Become Alaska’s state is warming 2 to 3 times the rate of global average temperatures can be tied to most of the of the effects of climate change in Alaska.
Climate Change is making loads  of animals loose there homes like polar bears they dying because the ice is melting and seal are also dying because the ice is melting the baby’s die to while mum is grabbing  food by polar bear’s because there shelter is weak and will break and collapse.

Climate Change

Alaska is getting effected by climate change and the animals are getting warm and hot grass is growing and it isn’t that normal all the animals  cant dig and they cant dig in the ground so they cant hide from predators so they might go extinct in the process. they can go and people woulb not get to go fishing and no one will have any food and everyone might be hungry and cold but all the animals will still be hot or warm so we have  Alaska and all the animals  will be tierd and warn out .

the  photo of alaska .

Alaska climate change


in Alaska climate change is a big thing. Alaska is snow and climate change is melting it. Alaskan people have no jobs to get money from.

Climate change

Climate change is where the earth starts to get warm to fast. Like instead so getting warm in centuries is gets warmer in decades and us humans can’t adapt. Especially in snowy places

climate in Alaska

In Alaska climate change is destroying nearly everything because of bushfires. Permafrost is melting. If we don’t do anything not just climate change but we will be destroying the world because we aren’t acting. If we act now we will be saving our world and it doesn’t have to be a big thing.

pictures and ways to help

You can help by recycling you can help by using more electric cars and walking. You can also help by using less plastic or reuse plastic bags. Thank you for reading

Volcanoes and earthquakes

How Earthquakes happen

earthquakes can happen in different parts of the world if you on a tectonic plate you have earthquake a lot. higher the richter scale the  more devastating the earthquakes can be.


if you live near a volcano it can be bad and good because you can get warm weather and you man be burnt alive

By Oscar Wesley


Alaska’s climate change.

Alaska’s climate 

Alaska is a cold place , so cold that your eye lashes will freeze . So cold you can’t grow that much fruit and vegetables. Alaska’s climate is getting worse and worse because the climate is getting warmer and warmer so animals habitats will die out and animals would have to relocate homes and that decreases the population of animals and that’s bad for the ecosystem and Alaska

Alaska’s landscape and terrain 

Did you know that the largest Earth was recorded in Alaska?it was so intense and chaotic because the renter-scale said the earthquake was a 9.8 . On mountains it’s really dangerous because on the surface of the mountains is could permer-frost. Permer-frost is something like ice but can’t be melted . The terrain of Alaska is really weird as it has 6 seperate biomes tundra , woods , rainforest , jungle , sea , plains .

Climate change .

Climate change is really bad for Alaska because on the surface of Alaska there’s something called permer-frost , this part of terrain ! Can not be melted ! And climate change is melting the permer-frost .

How to stop climate change 

Climate change does increase the temperature but there are ways to prevent climate change these bullet points will tell you how to stop/slow down climate change:

  • recuse , reduce , recycle
  • Use electric vehicles E.G  tesla’s and hybrids
  • Grow your own food
  • Travel on bikes , buses , trains and coaches
  • reuse plastic bottles and plastic bags

By Muhammad


Earthquake and volcanos

Introduction:In Geography we have been learning about Earthquakes move and how Volcanos erupt.


Earthquakes happen when not 1 but 2 tectonic plates are rubbing together.Under the Earth surface there are crust, mantle, outer core and the inner core.Scientists use a Richter scale to measure Earthquakes because they will be alerted and safe.

How to stay safe from a Earthquakes:

1. Drop down unto your hands and Knees before the Earthquake knocks you down.

2.Cover your head and neck (and cover your entire body if possible)underneath a sturdy table or desk.

3.Hold on to your shelter ( or your head and neck) and wait until the shaking.


Why it is good to live near a volcano: 

Farming. Volcanic environments can be good locations for farming. Volcanic deposits are enriched in elements such as magnesium and potassium. When volcanic rock and ash weathers, these elements are released, producing extremely fertile soils.This is good for increasing renewable energy use.An erupting volcano can trigger tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mudflows and rockfalls.

Why it is bad to live near a Volcano:

1.Volcanos can be very dangerous because they can erupt anytime. It is also bad to live near a volcano because it can destroy plants and crops that human eat.

2.Dangerous gases that human cannot breath in.

  • Diseases and Fires.
  • Avalanches,mudflows (lahars) and floods.
  • Loss of wildlife, trees and plants.
  • People live in fear


Geography – Earthquakes and Volcanoes

the 5 things a   earth  is mand out of 1 crust 2 mantie 3 outer 4core  5 inner core and  earthquake are made bay tectonic plates wen there rubbe to gather and the over lap and  sepcerate  5 things you should dow wen you in in a Earthquake 1drop to the ground  and cover you head and neck with you arms if and2  if you hide under a sturdy piece of furniture and try to hold on until the shoring stops3 stay a away from glass  if possible and  you should plant crops there the  soil is good for crops and it so if the volcano has a ruptured for 1000 years then it good to Live there and in the mountains the volcano it instinct it we’ll never a ruptured and it seem if you can Look cool but it is not safe it we’ll burn you so don’t burn you self she run a way and there is a volcano instinct 4 volcanic instinct and the one in the mountains is wont a ruptured it is interesting it has ice on it was a ruptured 1000 years ice it will never a ruptured
Live the so stay away if and be safe so don’t and     Ash can  cause helge problem for people and animal and Dormant volcano may not erupt for hundreds of years 


The layers of the Earth is crust, mantle,  outer   Core and the inner core. The volcano builds up by spilling out the hot hot  liquid that is called larva don’t touch because it will burn you really badly. Earthquakes happen when the tectonic plates overlap, rub together and separate from each other . Drawing an earthquake don’t  run outside because you will get very hurt so stay inside hid underneath a sturdy thing like a sturdy table but don’t hid near glass it can shatter and the glass will hurt on your face and other body parts. Hold on to something that is hard but easy to hold on. When the shaking has stopped you can go outside or stay inside.


Animal Facts


Animal facts

Hi, I’m Edyth I am an animal lover I love animals because they’re really interesting to research. I like to watch them move around I also like them because I have two pets and they are really interesting to watch.

Did you know that fleas can jump 350 times its body length. Slugs actually have four noses and a polar pears skin is black! The only mammal capable of flight is a bat and only female mosquitoes actually bite.

And did you know that starfish don’t have a brain. For some reason crocodiles can not stick there tongue out and one heart of a shrimp is located in the head. Did you know that a snail can sleep for 3 whole years!

Dolphins are one of the smartest animals in the whole world and a chimpanzee is the smartest animal. Humans are an animal there self because we are living animals our selves because we are living and anything living is an animal.