Saving the wold and animals


we have been learning about climate change and how to help.

there is 5 different types of pollutions on earth. Light pollution noise, pollution air pollution water, pollution and soil, pollution which are effecting the world. Light pollution is when there are some light that are heating up the place more than usual as lights are

people are chopping down trees, just make them little bombs in houses and destroying animals homesin the process  also killing some animals some animals might go extinct because of it.

We can help by stop polluting the Earth, and then we can be really smart about the climate change so we can have a better life on earth 🌏 so our species will not be extinct by climate change. So we can help the Earth by stop polluting and stop using cause. I’m aeroplanes I’m late because then it was something like blue Jean night, my solution and other positions in the affecting the Earth.




Pet cat dog and rabbits

When I want here my sis got a new pet and it was a cat and he is older than me.
when I was 6 I got a dog we named him Teddy and he is 2 years old 😃

The last pet is my favourite had 2 bunny now 6 because my 2 had  4  babies  and I will ceep 2 of them and it will be nice to have more rabbits 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰.

My love for animals.

I’m writing about my animal, six rabbits, one dog and a cat live in my house with me. First we had our cat called Mog, he is older than I am.

Next we had Teddy our springer spaniel, he has a lot of energy for a two year old. In dog years he’s a teenager. Teddy loves to chew everything ever the blankets, he loves to run around the house and when we come home from school, always waits for us with a shoe in his mouth.

Climate Change

Alaska is getting effected by climate change and the animals are getting warm and hot grass is growing and it isn’t that normal all the animals  cant dig and they cant dig in the ground so they cant hide from predators so they might go extinct in the process. they can go and people woulb not get to go fishing and no one will have any food and everyone might be hungry and cold but all the animals will still be hot or warm so we have  Alaska and all the animals  will be tierd and warn out .

the  photo of alaska .


when volcanoes are formed it can erupt at any point and it can cause a bit of destruction at the same time like a earthquake and it can be very powerful and strong.

Earth can have earthquakes and you have to think positive and go under a table and say safe and you won’t get hurt and stay safe.

volcanos can make a big earthquake and you need to be safe and careful. it can happen from the tectonic plates and other things like volcanoes there are some extinct volcanoes and  some can erupt at anytime and tectonic plate can split continents in the same way as all of the other ones. Some can kill other people and if you don’t want to be hurt go under a sturdy table or a chair.
If I were in a earthquake I would be under a table or in the lowest part of my house.
You can live on an extinct volcano you can build on it and you can live there as well as a nice view of a volcano that has planets and other things like trees.Several hazards may affect the area around the volcano, such as lava flows, pyroclastic flows and landslides or debris avalanches. Volcanic activity also produces hazards that can affect areas far from the volcano, such as tephra or ash falls, releases of gas and tsunamis.

Farming. Volcanic environments can be good locations for farming. Volcanic deposits are enriched in elements such as magnesium and potassium. When volcanic rock and ash weathers, these elements are released, producing extremely fertile soils.

This is good for increasing renewable energy use. Ash ejected by the volcano acts as a good fertiliser for soils. Volcanoes attract many tourists, who enjoy the dramatic scenery that they produce. Rising magma brings valuable minerals to the surface, creating mining opportunities.

Ash, mudflows, and lava flows can devastate communities near volcanoes and cause havoc in areas far downwind, downstream, and downslope. Even when a volcano is quiet, steep volcanic slopes can collapse to become landslides, and large rocks can be hurled by powerful.

More than 80% of the earth’s surface is volcanic in origin. The sea floor and some mountains were formed by countless volcanic eruptions. Gaseous emissions from volcano formed the earth’s atmosphere. There are more than 500 active volcanoes in the world.

Volcanos are dangerous and can be really hot but they are pretty and they can hurt you but if you are with a professional you are safe and going to fine.

But if you live too close to a volcano—and it erupts—it can be lethal. If you live with a volcano like Merapi, it’;s wise to watch it closely. Volcanoes provide fertile soil–as well as deadly hot hurricanes of lava and ash.