Climate change

i Saw lots of trees being cut down and each year 15 billion trees are being destroyed and did u know that people breathe trees the oxygen come out of the trees and the more we cut the trees the less oxygen we breath

And there is a high chance that people get ill and die because we don’t know that we use the TREES FOR BREATHING!

also I seen lots of gas being used and lots of countries have fire and trees BRUN alive and the gas spreads and people can die of breathing the gas and the gas have the right to have VERY dangerous bacteria spreads and kills..

Did u know that in  a book that’s saves the world they’ve shown us that u don’t have to use the water u can use the shower and it cleans u faster and saves the water!

As the world is alone but there’s a special bubble the pretexts the world and if u don’t take care of it the bubble might pop and we might lose the gravity or air and we might go enxting.

By Natalia=)

Volcanos & earthquakes

So the earth is made by crust inner core out/outer core also mental and the earthquakes happens if the tectonic plates move up down or move away from each other, You also need to learn what to do when the earthquake so u cover ur neck and head because they are most important things to cover and u You also have to go under a strong/solid platform we’re done with earthquakes so we can move on to volcano so what can I remember is that if earthquakes can start volcanoes erupt and I’m gonna try to say what I can remember is that volcano is made out from crater but I don’t remember rest of it oh and the lil smoke/clouds are like coming out of the volcano so I think I gave u enough facts to learn have fun reading it =)

My Cat

My cat

Hi welcome to my blog and if what my name is Natalia and l will tell you about my cat:)’

He is always sleeping with my mom but sometimes he sleeps with me. Sometimes he goes outside for overnight he is very cute when he is sleeping and he very fat he finds new friends. Also his favourite thing to do is to play. l find him a random toy he lays with his tiny cute hands and plays with it when nobody is home he is sleeping eating and miss us when we we’re going to my grandma my cat follows the car. He is very lovely and caring about us. Hismost favourite thing to do is to lick the fluffy blanket and that’s all for my cat 🙂