when I was in year two there was people in year four was doing back bends . And one time my sister said that I will go to gymnastics  I got super excited And So I dressed up and went there . They showed all of use how to do backbends and I did it then I   was able to go on the wall and go all the way to the bottom and some people could do it on air . Then I looked on videos and I saw people doing on air I looked closely and I saw that they was bending there legs and when I try I did it ! And I went to school did it and all the people was shocked .

My love for animals.

I’m writing about my animal, six rabbits, one dog and a cat live in my house with me. First we had our cat called Mog, he is older than I am.

Next we had Teddy our springer spaniel, he has a lot of energy for a two year old. In dog years he’s a teenager. Teddy loves to chew everything ever the blankets, he loves to run around the house and when we come home from school, always waits for us with a shoe in his mouth.


Come to panda’s magical land panda you will see how cool pandas really are. they eat bamboo  you can find them in rain forests and other place’s
you can find red panda’s  brown and black and white panda’s the reason I love panda’s it is because I think not a lot of people like them and  I think there really cool  and if they eat bamboo I know people  might not like panda’s but a lot of people like them. Like me because there cute my second favourite animal I like sloths

sloths are very slow and cute  they might not be around for long but I’m still love them


Facts about Europe!

Hi I’m Wasima, Today I will tell you some facts about Europe! There are 50 countries in Europe and 24 languages!In Early history,The people who named the continent Europe was Anaximander and Hecataeus. Europe started 5 million years ago.The most ancient language in Europe is Euskera!
You might be wondering how many religions are in Europe, well there are 3 religions Christianity,Islam and Judaism.



In 1957,Belgium,France,Italy,Luxembourg,the Netherlands and West Germany created Europe.Europeans speak 6 different languages which are French,ltalian,German,English and Russian.The Country that visited Europe the most is France with 86.9 million people visiting Europe!It is no secret that Europe is filled with beautiful places to visit which is grand cities,fairytales-like towns,soaring mountains ranges and gorgeous beaches!


More adventures in earth’s world

Hello everyone! Welcome to this blog about earth’s world, we will talk about some of my adventures in this world! I won’t share too much personal stuff in this blog. My name is Paulene, also we will talk about the world in earth! Feel free to comment kindly,

1st thing

Have you been to Asia? This big continent has a lot of countries! Than Europe!

I had an adventure to 9 countries! Not very alot  I know I will share 2 facts.

  1. 2nd

Europe has 50 countries it’s the 3rd biggest continent and the 2nd smallest continent in earth.
That’s all I can say in this blog I’ll do more next time.

Playing Football

I play football with my friend’s because i want to play for Tottenham because Harry Kane is my hero. It’s my dream of playing for spurs and I want to play in the same t-shirt when I play for Spurs.

here is a picture of Harry Kane and Son. I play football with my friends who are called Ethan, Kenzie and Salar.They aced like Ronaldo and I say”yaaaaasssss” when they get a goalll!


  • I love drawing because you can use your creativity to draw anything. I chose this drawing because it looks detailed and pretty. I want to be an artist when I grow up and have my drawings in the museum. 😀😃😄😁😆🙂😉😌☺️😊 My name is Moryam and thank you for reading.


The volcanoes are big and realy hot they can kill people and if the ear quake will fall in your house you need to hight under the table or run away from the house or drive away it will be fast and good because the car has speed if you don’t have a car then you stay home and hight inter the table maybe it’s gonna be in 2 hours to stay there

It’s gona be bad if you will stay in side in the house and don’t hight if you do that you will be hurt.

Everything I learned on volcanoes and earthquakes

How to survive situations of earthquakes.

1. Drop yourself somewhere

2. Cover yourself with your arms

3. Hide under a furniture or a sofa

4. hold on until the shaking stops

5. Dont go near somewhere with windows or glass

How earthquakes form.

  • when the tectonic plates rub against eachother
  • when the tectonic plates move
  • when the tectonic plates are separating

Categories of volcanoes.

  • Dormant
  • extinct
  • active

how the volcano forms.



Volcano and Earthquakes

How to survive an Earthquake? Listen to me!

◦Drop to the floor.

◦Cover the important parts of your body.

◦Hide under a table or any furniture that  is sturdy.

◦Hold on to the table or the furniture your under until the shaking stops.

There are different kind of volcanoes!

Active Volcanoes! (Volcanoes that could erupt suddenly)

Extinct Volcanoes! (Volcanoes that are not expected to erupt in the furture)

Dormant Volcanoes! (That  aren’t erupting now)

If your wondering what layers make up the earth,Scroll down!:

First is the Earth’s crust

Then there is the Mantle