Volcanos and earthquakes

Hi! I’m going to tell you about volcanos and earthquakes! Earthquake are usually located in the ring of fire, which is near the pacific ocean

How to stay safe during a earthquake

1. Get down on the floor and hide under a table

2. Cover your head and neck with your arms

3. Don’t run away from the place you are hiding

4. Hold on until shaking stops

The layers of the earth!

There are 4 layers of the earth. The first layer is the mantle that is about 1000-2000 kilometres thick. Next is the mantle which is runny and it’s about 3000 degrees Celsius

Valcanoes and earthquakes by ibrahim

The valcanoes are big and really hot, they can kill u if u touch any of the layers of the earth.If a earthquake happens hide under a table or furniture.If u are hiding near something sharp like a window then don’t hide near it because it will crack and sharp pieces will go on u.

The earthquakes is in the ring of fire.Whatever is in the ring of fire mostly has earthquakes happening.


The volcanoes will be hot and cold some times and the lava is realy realy hot it will break some of people arm or kill people I think a lot of people was dead earquakes are big and it can destroy the houses it’s can kill people if you don’t hight under the table it or go out from the     House or drive away from the house,

Earthquakes and volcanoes


when an earthquake hits remember to drop to the ground, find a sturdy piece of furniture and hold on to it. Also be very calm. Don’t panic very bad things could happen. Earthquakes could happen at  time scientists can predict when they happen but no when it will happen it could possibly go on for ages or a couple of weeks. It could possibly go to another country and make it worse.

when a volcano hits it could possible make the earth shake and you just want to be calm and also be safe. It could happen with tectonic plates. Other types of volcanos for example like extinct ones and possibly erupt at any time. We’re not to sure if scientists can know when they’ll happen. The tech tonic plate can maybe split contents in the same way as most of the others. Some could maybe kill people if they went too close to it. Most people use a drone to catch the explosion happen. It may look cool but when your near it it’s not.


There are lots of different types of earthquakes and levels of earthquakes. These are few of the levels level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. There are some earthquakes that only last a couple of minutes but some earthquakes can last up to ten minutes and fifteen minutes.

There are 3 types of volcanos extinct volcanos, dormant volcanos and active volcanos. The soil that comes from a volcano is very good for crops and plants. The earth is made up of four different areas. The crust the mantle the inner core and the outer.

the ring of fire is a place where most volcanos earthquakes and other natural disasters happen and that’s why it is called  the ring of fire


volcanos and earthquakes.

What is the earth made out of?

The earth is made up of 4 thing the crust,mantle,outer core and inner core.


This is what you do when a earth quake starts

In earthquakes you drop down to the floor cover your head and neck hide under tables but not nere windows. Try hard to hold on tight  until the shaking  STOPS!

Sorts of volcano’s extint,domat and active. most earthquakes happens in rpthe ring of fire. Eathquakes happen by 2 techtonic plates rube Continue reading

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Volcanoes and earthquake

You must be safe at a event of an earthquake.
When earthquake you can hold onto a piece of steady furniture.
Earthquake are caused when tectonic plates move in 3 directions.
Earthquake can happen below the ground and we can still scenes it a lot.
You should not stand near windows because it can hit you.Earthquake are measured in mercali scale and rector scale.
Earthquake can cause destruction.

Alaska and Climate Change.


Alaska is at the forefront of climate change. Because of its northern latitude and seasonal changes in sea ice, the state is warming at two to three times the rate of the global average. Rising temperatures can be tied to most of the effects of climate change in Alaska. Mining and burning fossil fuels threaten Alaska’s lands, waters, wildlife, and communities, and also contribute to the warming of the earth’s climate through the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our climate modeling suggests a dramatically changing future for Alaska crops by 2100, with frost-free seasons extending not just by days, but by weeks or months; cumulative summer heat doubling or more; and the coldest winter days becoming 10 or 15 degrees less extreme. Alaska blames herself (as does her father) for her mother’s death. This is the main incident that causes Alaska’s subsequent suffering and pain. Her pain further snowballs when she forgets the anniversary of her mother’s death and she feels she has failed her mother yet another time.

Alaska’s population rose in 2022 according to new estimates released by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, marking a second consecutive year of increases after four years of declines. Alaska has had its 17th warmest calendar year in 2022.


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In the cold Alaska climate change at the mountains the big chunks of ice falling down in the river and ending up hurting people with the chunks.

In the hot Alaska climate change  has lots of stuff  burned for example the forest it catches a big fire it burns the tree and it makes less oxygen.


How to help the climate change

. Save energy from electricity 

.walk or ride your bike 

.throw away less food 

. if you kill a animal to eat use everything from it


Alaska animals

In Alaska there are polar bears, because they live on the ice when there is hot weather it splits the ice and the heavy polar bears are on the small ice and they drown.