Save the world


today I am going to talk about climate change and why it is bad. The three things that are causing it are household waste, Earth’s atmosphere, and Landfill. I might make a few facts about pollution too! How are we going to change climate change?

Household Waste

how many breads are thrown away per day? 24 million! And that is only from UK households, imagine how many breads were thrown away per month. 744,000,000! What we do just like drink, eat, cutting paper, all makes waste! Here is an example.

These are all the things that should be recycled but weren’t. Over 200 billion cans have been used every year! So in total of how long I have lived, 200 billion x 9=1,800,000,000,000!!

Earth’s Atmosphere

The ozone layer is 3 millimetres thick. It is used to stop lots of heat to the earth. Because of pollution, the ozone layer is breaking and the sun’s heat is going onto different parts of the world. The cold places like Alaska, Antarctic e.g. are melting and polar bears are loosing their home and may soon go extinct.

Polar bear


what is landfill you might ask. Landfill is a big pile of rubbish all in one area, and it is filled with toxic stuff and maybe rats. If you live near one, you might want to move. The landfill contains something that can give you illnesses and might kill if possible, it’s depending on what is in it.
this is an example of a landfill.


what can we do? We could stop putting our rubbish in the bin, instead we could put it in the recycling. If it’s an item that cannot be recycled, don’t litter, just put it in the normal bin. What happens when we do this? We save our world!

Save the world


Today, I will be blogging about climate change. Climate change is when the world is getting hotter quicker and quicker because of many things.


There are many different types of pollution and all of them cause climate change. There is air, soil, water, and noise pollution. Air pollution is when the factories make things and then all the smoke comes out and make places hotter. Soil pollution is where the farmers use to much chemicals when farming and when the rain comes it gets washed away into the river and lakes. Water pollution is simply when the plastic and waste that people throw away go into the river and trap sea creatures. Noise pollution is where the noise from concerts and other places like party’s are so loud that some people can’t sleep or go deaf.


Deforestation is when people cut down trees and then it’s starts a fire and goes to the towns and city’s. It burns peoples homes and then they can’t live. Did you know that 15 billion trees are cut every year! That means that we have less o2 every year and that it is harder for some people to breathe


The atmosphere is being out shaped and the ozone layer is cracking. That means that more sun is coming in, making some places way hotter then other places. This is bad because trees and plants can die. Most plants and trees give us o2 so with no plants and trees, there’s no more breathing.


To save our world we should plant trees and DON’T cut to them down. Walk to places and not use vehicles. ONLY use vehicles when going to places that are far away. Reduce reuse and recycle. Try not to use single use plastic or any plastic, cardboard is better.


The earth is dying because of us and deforestation and we need to do something about it now.

we are polluting the earth and we are destroying the only planet that we can breathe on if we do not act now we will die and never be alive again. We are destroying everything that we have like our trees and if we destroy it then animals die because we are destroying their habitats to make new homes or something else like that.

The effect then deforestation does to the world is tremendous. If we do nothing about it we will not be able to save our environment. Our animals like pandas are going extinct and many more animals many more animals are also going extinct because of us. Did you know that there are 3 trillion trees in the world  and every year 15 billion trees are cut down

we can help to slow down deforestation but we can never stop it because every minute people get born so we need more land so they’re not going to stop but if we make bigger homes then more people can live in one home at once’s and we can also donate money to charity’s to help the animals

By Oscar


Ways to help the world


Fashion is when you throw your old clothes away, given to the people whose size is perfect for your old clothes. Instead of using your money and buying  clothes for you r your family members you can actually use things to make clothes out of like fabric or dye. Most people don’t think  about what happens when your clothes gets way too old or way too holy.  You should help the world by reusing cardboard or save the tap and so many more ways to help the world grow and be better.



Today I will be talking about pollution and what is pollution. The reason I’m talking about this is because pollution is really bad and we breathe in polluted air.

What is pollution ?

Pollution is multiple types of gases that pollute our environment and it increases the rate of climate change so the world gets hotter even in one of the coldest states Alaska. When the world gets hotter because of pollution , animals have to relocate or die and that’s really bad for tribes in countries or states like Mexico and Alaska .

how does pollution have  a negative impact on our environment 

The reason why pollution is bad for our environment is because it heats up our planet because we use products like plastic bottles , packets , plastic utensils and other plastic products go to a landfill were they are burnt and gases come out of the landfill and heat up the earth .  Also in some states and countries they have more forest fires because of pollution heating up the earth . There is also something called green house gases , green house gases are basically gases In the earth’s atmosphere that trap heat in the earth they also act as a glass wall like a green house

How to stop or help pollution from  spreading across the earth

Even though pollution is everywhere there are still ways to help like reuse , reduce , recycle , use less plastic , pick up litter , put recycle product in the bin reuse plastic bottles .


Please help save our earth by using the things I said  in the paragraph (how to stop or help pollution from spreading across the world)



Global warning!

 (Agata) Hi! , I’m going to be talking about the global warning. This global warning is very important because of what’s happening to the world.

Global warning is a warning for the world this means bad things are happening to our planet so listen to these stuff of whats happing and do the opposite.

The way we can help our world from stop dying, we need to use less cars , motorcycles and stuff like that. Instead we could use bikes, buses and scooters.

The reason we should use less cars and motorcycles is because these stuff has smoke that is warming up the world.

If we do these stuff we could save our precious world. 

Pet cat dog and rabbits

When I want here my sis got a new pet and it was a cat and he is older than me.
when I was 6 I got a dog we named him Teddy and he is 2 years old 😃

The last pet is my favourite had 2 bunny now 6 because my 2 had  4  babies  and I will ceep 2 of them and it will be nice to have more rabbits 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰.

Everything about animals

Facts about animals! There are some really cool facts about animals most animals have abilities for example snails have the ability to be slow. Did you know fleas can jump 350 times it’s body length but hummingbirds are the only birds that fly backwards.

Crocodiles can actually not stick there tongue however starfish do not have a brain so they cant think.

Dancing unicorn


Dancing unicorns


I  am  Lilly I love unicorns because I believe they are real and  super cute and fluffy  I also have three bestfriend  they are called Lillie,willow  and
katy I love  eating Cookies, donuts  and cake.