How to save people

We save people really much because they can be kind to you back and if you be kind and it makes you smart. And sometimes people are helping their families because sometimes Thay can even give you something when you finished like nearly all the family’s.



The volcanoes are big and realy hot they can kill people and if the ear quake will fall in your house you need to hight under the table or run away from the house or drive away it will be fast and good because the car has speed if you don’t have a car then you stay home and hight inter the table maybe it’s gonna be in 2 hours to stay there

It’s gona be bad if you will stay in side in the house and don’t hight if you do that you will be hurt.


The volcanoes will be hot and cold some times and the lava is realy realy hot it will break some of people arm or kill people I think a lot of people was dead earquakes are big and it can destroy the houses it’s can kill people if you don’t hight under the table it or go out from the     House or drive away from the house,


I think that volcanos is really hot that people can die and the volcanos did the houses or apart meant bad and broken.

And the lava in volcanos are broken volcanos even people are dead and the lave in the volcano is hot and big.

And the big apart meant is really dead and the people is walking on broken apart meant.

I think that volcano is in the water or it just smoke on the water.

The earthquake can break the road and the car can be stuck in the place if that happen you need to drive really fast to not be stuck.

if the cars or houses are broken because if earthquake did that if you hire it you need to hight under the table of drive away because earthquake is really  hard it can kill hard and earthquakes can happen every were and every places.