Volcanoes and earthquake


Welcome to dinosaurs best ever facts you have ever seen.

The first Australian dinosaur is the minmi. The mimmi has spines all over his body for protecion. Minmi lived 133 million to 120 million. Minmi is 1600 kg. It lived in the early Cretaceous period.

Timumus  is genus of ceaurosaur theropod. The thigh bone is 44 cm.  Holotype specimen nmv  P 186303 was found in a layer of the Emeralla formation dating to albian faunal stage in the early Cretaceous some hundred and six million years ago.

Mudaberasaurus lived 125 million  to hundred million. Mudabrrasarus was 7 metres tall.It was a strong bold Dino and it is a plant eater.


It lived 115 million years to 100 million years. The diet of leaellynasaura is glossy dark green crunchy leaves. That’s all the dinos I know. I hope you enjoyed my tremendous facts.