SATs help


When you focus on your Sats you need a good night sleep, and is you can study . All ways have a good breakfast that is packed of energy. Take breaks as you go along. Make a schedule for your learning and breaks.All ways ask for help when your stuck ask a friend.Take a minute to breathe. Go outdoor and play take breaks. Ask for matirvation. If your stuck or stressed out count to 10.


If you are struggling with a particular topic or question you can revise. To help store that information in your long term memory. Information in your long term memory is information you can draw on it again.The best way to revise is in a short burst, with breaks in between.


When you wake up all ways have a healthy breakfast, this is important because it will give lots of energy. Did you know that your brain takes 20% of energy in your body all ways take breaks revise for 1 hour a day.Turn your phone of so you don’t get distracted. If you eat a biscuit you won’t have that much energy to last you. All ways have a positive attitude to teachers and other people.

All ways show good behaviour because the teachers will focus on your learning,and people that listen. Is any one in the test is being distracting you cope with it, because the teachers will deal with it. You can take runs in the mornings so it will take you’re mind off of learning. Before the week of your SATs revises any topic you not good at. I hope these top tips will help you with your SATs.

Lc: To use different sentences structures depending on the formatily of writing


This term we are learning about crime and punishment around different times for a example Romans,  Anglo Saxons, turder times, Victorians and world war 2. In these times the most common crimes was stealing because most people were poor.


This time the emperor’s ruled to 500bc to 400a. They congerd all of Europe and some of Middle East . If you stole you would get chuck of a cliff or gotten flogging and hot lead down your throat. Now we all now they  were violent . Also murder was common the punishment for that was being buried alive . If you were witnessed they would take to get your punishment. You also can get nailed to a cross .



Anglo Saxons

Lots of people would get executed because they steal for food ,the reason for is that they are homeless .If you stole more then twice you would get your hands sliced  of . If someone witnessed a crime they would scream and cry for help. Also begging is a crime . Some punishments are not death like you will walk on hot coal and if it is held In 3 dates your are innocent  . If you had a fine you can pay that of by little silver coins . The tiffing are ten people that and they would control your behaviour.


Turder Times

women were also executed a punishment was the scolds bridle this made so they couldn’t speak because a little sharp spike would cut the tongue if you speak. Most people were poor and murder case went down by a lot . They wouldn’t have prisons but they had rooms where you would wait
for your punishment.


If you were a child you would go to a Work house because they said they young and fit . If you would steal you would be sent to Australia to work. It would take 6 months to get there in a rotten boat . Most children were in work house but rich children didn’t go to work house. The house were rotten nasty and the food was sloppy probably rotten. In this time they had they had police force and that is how they would be captured. Murder was rarely because there was lots of police men .

world war 2

The police was a lot bigger so people would not commit crime. Then not long after the death penalty went  and prison  were more common.
After world war 2 crimes were less common .Also women were in work house. If you killed someone in the war it isn’t bad because you have orders to do it. Did you know world war 2 went on for 6 years 1939 to 1445. On Christmas Day they played football.  Not all of the police officers could find the body’s cause of the air radar. Lots of Criminals looted blown up shops .

Great facts on crimes and punishments, Joshua but you must check and change key spellings (underlined in red) and in your sentence punctuation.