The survivors guide for SAT

Introduction: Many year 6s are soon going in to SATs (which happens in may) and many people are getting overwhelmed and also stressed, so throughout this guide I’m going to be giving top tips and ideas on how to get your self ready and get the most marks on your SATs. How to prepare for […]

The history of crime and punishments


Today i am going to tell you about the history about crime and punishment which, happend in the past. I will also tell you what was the common crime in each paragraph and the punishments too.



In the roman times crime was very harsh people wanted for all criminals to get the worst punishment such as pushed of a cliff . In the roman times the most common crime was theft and the most common punishment was flogging and some times a fine depending if you were rich and some times if people done something serious they would get exiled.


                                           Anglo saxons

The Anglo-Saxon period in Britain was from around 410 to 1066CE many  people of the population lived in small villages in the countryside and very few lived in towns. Many people grew thier own food which ment people would steal. stealing was a common crime and if people would steal someone would scream and ten people would come and take them to the king and if no one could decide they went to do the trial of odeal wich is when someone picks up boiling iron or steps on hot coal and if the burnt marks arnt there they are innocent.

                                         Tudor times

The Tudor period was from 1485 to 1603 poor people where forced to come to different towns. Poor  people begged untill they gave the poor person something and people who lived at that town would take the poor person to the king and the poor person would get a punishment like libs cut off and 10 floggings.

                                       victorian times

In the victorian times stealing was common. In the Victorian period the population increased and many people began to move from the countryside to the towns and cities to work in factories. Living conditions were often cramped with one family per room and the whole street would share an outside toilet and a water tap. people had to steal from others to get ready for winter for example and if they where caught they where sent to australia with other criminals.

World war 2

peoples homes where distroyed and may of the food was gone people would steal to feed their families. In many cities, lots of houses and shops were bombed and so looting and robbery became more common in wales England  and if people got caught stealing they had to pay a fine or stay in prison for around 6 months.

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