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Diary of a wimpy kid – long haul

On thursday we went to the cinema to watch the diary of a wimpy kid- long haul it was really fun now I am going to tell you a short review.If your looking for a fun movie for kids I would pick this one.

It is a really funny movie and I would really recommend this movie.Now let me tell you a bit about this movie it is all about a road trip that there going on and on the way they stopped at different hotels which gave them enime they also hurry to get to families party.There baby brother got a pig but he had to give it back and cried then they had issues getting there but they got there I won’t tell you how but it’s worth to see.They also got the pig neck and the baby brother learned to speak Spanish.

I would rate this movie a 5/5. You should go and watch the movie your self.Hope you watch it and I think the age group 6 and over would really enjoy it bye. use a variety of different sentence structures

Oliver’s shoes tightly fit on his feet;his slender feet were seen in the rips and holes which were on the old dirty shoes.He was a lonely urchin;Oliver didn’t have a mum or dad which made him upset.

The young pale urchin wore old threadbare shoes.Oliver had blonde straw like hair he had old and dirty clothes.

The young urchin slept in a dark gloomy room and he was holding a candle that danced in the wind.Oliver was a pale frightened urchin because he didn’t have a mum or a dad.

Puzzle day

On puzzle day we went to the pink hall,where there was a lady waiting for us named Karen, she talked about how we are going to do the puzzles.Karen told us that we had to show great teamwork to finish the puzzles.

We got into groups of six and then started the first puzzle.On the first on we had to put all the penguins on the ice burg,it was tricky because the ice burg was shaking.My group still managed to do it we managed to do it because we showed teamwork.

Then the second puzzle was to build the object from the picture this one was harder than the first one.But we worked as a team and made it through.

We did lots of different ones to and at the end we did an illusion it was really fun.I enjoyed the morning I would love to do it again.But some of the challenges were really hard and we had to think about the puzzles hard.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time lived a man that was the same as others he had a normal live until one day… One day the man decided to go for a walk on the he found a light bulb filled with different coloured pebbles.So he descies to pick it up and he turns into a white man inside the light bulb and it droped the light bulb broke.He disen’t know what to do he was as tiny as an ant it was like a sea of pebbles he didn’t know how to get out.From that moment he has been forgotten forever…

100 Word Challenge

This story begins on a very touristic island were many people have gone missing. No-one has discovered this mysterious creature.But one day on this island a girl called Ellie traveled from the other side of the country to discover this creature.When she finally got there it was night so she zoomed to the hotel.It seen like she knew that creature then it was the next day she went to explore the building.Ellie searched for hours and she finally discovered something new she took millions pictures until she got IT!The creature was… her long lost…grandma in roller skates and jet-pack?  WHAT!?