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#Moz the Monster!

Moz the Monster was fury and  grey – which was very friendly and had a gigantic  nose on his huge face. This huge nice monster lives under beds. Moz was taller then a three children on top of each other.He was the most friendliest and softest monster ever! He was very kind because he gave the little boy a wonderful present so he wont be scared of the dark anymore.His present was a night light, he gave him that because he was scared of the dark, when he put it on the monster went but when he turns it on again he came back then went.The boy was full of joy because of the present but he was sad because he had to say goodbye to the fluffy and kind monster.The light night was stars and planets. The monster named Moz was scary at first ,  but then the little boy got to know him and then they both became friends but the poor boy had a  consequence  by being really exasperated  at  , all his actives .Moz smells like rotten moldy slice of green cheese he also  has many toys stuck on him from under the worried boys bed.  The monster like the boy and they was best friends the monster thought he was helping the boy when he gave him present for Christmas but then he needed to leave so the boy got some sleep for energy. Moz the great massive monster  enjoys playing with the boy and don’t forget the toys as well! Hopefully Moz the monster will come back soon to see the joyful boy again!