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Invented: 1885
Inventor: John Kemp Starley

The bicycle as we know it today was originally developed as the “safety bicycle”, because other bikes at the time – including the penny-farthing – were extremely dangerous. The key to the new bicycle was the chain drive, which ment you could still go fast even though both wheels were the same size. For most people it was arguably the most liberating invention of all time.

Invented: 1835
Inventor: William Henry Fox Talbot

It’s hard to say who was the inventor of photography – the first fixed image was made by Joseph Niépce in 1826 but took eight hours to expose. In 1835, Fox Talbot (right) made another breakthrough by using silver iodide on paper and found a way to produce a translucent negative that could be used to make any number of positives by contact printing – a system used until the advent of digital cameras.

Invented: 1926                                                                                                                                                      Inventor: John Logie Baird

We spend nearly 10 years of our lives in front of it, as well as a lifetime total of over £6,000 of our money just powering them. This single object has brought the wonders of planet earth into our daily lives.