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100 Word Challenge

“Massive light bulb broken!” Is what the headlines screamed out to the people. “Who created the light bulb and what is the purpose of it ?” Everyone said. The light bulb was to bring light to everyone in the city! To repair and clean up the damage costs £5,000,000!!!!! “Now the light bulb is broken how will we get light?” Quoted a civilian. Then Thomas Edison had a life-changing, outstanding idea, that would change the whole world! He would make light bulbs for everyone, even make  his own company! Thomas Edison’s brilliant idea was so amazing we even use light bulbs today!

100 word challenge passiden meats a hippergrif

One day the sea started to rumble as postindian god of the sea rose looking for a half blood. When in the corner of his eye he saw a hippogriff   when he stepped on to land to great  the animal he saw that  Hades had beaten him there he called Voldemort and they battled out of the shadow stepped  gandoff the gray with beast boy beast boy changed into a ball and that battled till death two remained postindian  and Hades thy agreed to share the land

100 Word Challenge [ For Harry Potter Fans]

Strangely, Harry was walking around at night under his invisibility cloak, looking for a book about mysterious creatures. He had seen some vast footprints! He was trying to find out what was causing them. He didn’t tell Ron or Hermione because he wanted to find a bit about how they came. Ron would have been really scared so he hadn’t told him yet. Ron isn’t very adventurous.

The Next Day

Hermione! shouted  Harry Yes? exclaimed Hermione have you seen these footprints? NO? Come on then! OH MY I researched it a bit! what are they Harry? It’s a GOBLINS footprints!


It was a dark and stormy night when Dennis and his dad, who was massively fat went to the castle called Brean down to see what was going on because last night they saw on the news that science people went to Brean down and saw that there was ginormous foot prints that was like a giants foot. Then Dennis  saw something huge on the grass like a giants foot prints. All of a sudden they saw something huge something colossal  something like a massive giant they ran behind a tree and took a photo then giant picked them up …..