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Today we had Genr8 and they talked all about choice. One of the quotes we heard from them was “What ever choice you make you cannot choose the consequences.” Today year 6 had to take something away from that lesson and I am taking whatever choice you make it isnt wrong.

Peer Pressure is when you are telling someone to do something that they might wato do.

John Lewis advert! #MozTheMonster

Moz-who slept under my bed-was my best mate! His fur was made of stinky, old socks that had piled up underneath my bed a couple weeks before. He was as soft as a cloud floating in the bright, blue sky. Since he has left, I’ve been getting a lot more sleep. His eyes were dark, waiting for me to fall into his imagination… instead he fell into mine! His nose was jiggly like jelly, his teeth were white as snow. As he was my best mate, it was hard to let him go! One night, I was trying to get some rest; as I fell asleep, I heard some strange noises coming from underneath my cosy,comfy bed. No matter how hard I tried to rest, I  couldn’t get to sleep. So… I looked underneath; what I saw shocked me. We later on became best friends. We played together, had fun and was there for each other when we needed the other person. 

Our choices

i want to take more responsibility by playing with my dogs and making them happy because i don’t spent as much time with them and i changed my mind. I changed my mind because i watched a video and it inspired me to do the right thing.I need to start  playing with my cat. I don’t spend a lot of time with my cat and i changed my mind because i saw people playing with a Bengal and being happy. Also i can take more responsibility by; behaving more, doing the right thing and making sure that every body is okay and not injured.


Today in GNR8 we  learned about making important choices in life for preparation when we  grow up.

You had to make  choices  such as getting married, having kids, doing drugs and many other very  important  things  for when we grow up.

God  had to make a choice to create our world or not.

We played a game about our choices, it was a last  man standing game where  if  you made those choices they shout out you have  to sit down.

We played another game where we it was positive  (good) 50/50 and  negative (bad) and after we got to pick what our choice was the teachers asked certain children why they  made their choice.