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What is happening in this picture?

There is a group of  British inventors, who wanted to make a new invention, so they planned out their ideas on paper. They liked to make new ideas, they all had great ideas so they put all of their ideas together; some of them had ideas about putting flavors into drinks, one had the idea of making hot drinks. “How about we add all of our ideas together, it will make a great invention!”They put flavors into different drinks to make them taste more of a flavor. They were inter viewed  about their new invention, everyone likes the new invention, so they all tried their flavors and they all liked.


On Friday last week we went out side to see a Penny Farthing that William and his dad brought to school.  He told us some facts about the penny farthing he told us that the penny farthing was popular in the late 19 century. Also he said that the penny farthing would take a weekend to learn how to ride it and he told us how we to get on and off. You push the bike to a certain speed and then you come on and when you get off you slow down then jump off. William’s bike had wires because his was made earlier than he dad’s bike.