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Today in GNR8 we  learned about making important choices in life for preparation when we  grow up.

You had to make  choices  such as getting married, having kids, doing drugs and many other very  important  things  for when we grow up.

God  had to make a choice to create our world or not.

We played a game about our choices, it was a last  man standing game where  if  you made those choices they shout out you have  to sit down.

We played another game where we it was positive  (good) 50/50 and  negative (bad) and after we got to pick what our choice was the teachers asked certain children why they  made their choice.

Moz the monster

Moz the monster was really furry and he`s  got  a  fat  nose  and  he`s  fat.

Moz the  monster is a friendly monster who lives under people`s bed since he is a bed monster who can only appear at night.The monster is playful and keeps Joe up until about 1 in the morning so he is very tired in the morning and there is evidence in the short film since he keeps falling asleep.

The monster is about 10 feet tall and is massive and is twice the size and width of an average human!

When Joe first met the monster he was scared and the 2nd time he was annoyed since he was annoying and he farted (which is extremely rude) and the 3rd time they met the monster tickled him and he came out from under the bed  and they played for hours until Joe fell asleep one day and the monster decided to go get a night light for Joe so he would disappear  but when he got it he didn’t use it.

Joe didn’t use his nightlight because he liked the monster because he was his best friend and he loved to play with him.





100 word challenge

Today we went to the hall and we did some challenges,they were all quite tough.

The penguins challenge challenge was the hardest,you had to put  penguins on a moving iceberg especially since there were so many penguins you had to put on.

There was also the road challenge were you  had to connect a road 4 by 5 and it has to never ending road and it’s also harder than it looks!

There was also the challenge were you had a massive oval shape and there was a lot of colours you had to put in and the same colours touch!