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Diary of the wimpy kid ‘The Long Haul’ Review

I thought the movie was great! I found it funny when Greg and his family went to a kids restaurant, which is called corny’s, and Greg tried to find his little brother,  Manny, and he found ,well not Manny , but a diaper in the ball pit; everyone pulled out there phones and put him on video! After that he became an internet sensation.

I really enjoyed the scene where Manny won a pig when he only counted 4 5 6 and that surprisingly was the weight of the pig which made him win the pig! It was surprising to me that a kid that could only count to about 10 would be able to win a pig. After Manny winning the pig, his mum found out about it and didn’t really want to keep it so they gave the pig to a petting zoo.

I also found it very amusing when Greg met his favourite youtuber Matt Digby, Greg tried to free him from his title  ‘diaper hands’ so he met Matt but he accidentally tripped over and crashed Matt’s gaming system. Greg was at a convention when he met Matt so the convention was on TV. His parents almost called the police because they didn’t know where he was but they were watching TV as well and they saw Greg and Rodrick ,Greg’s older brother, at the convention. His mother said Greg was grounded FOR LIFE!

The best scene to my liking was when Greg and his family were at a horrible hotel. Their room was disgusting with cockroaches in the bathroom, hairy soap and with no food to eat it was horrible!

This movie was awesome and I totally recommend it to any movie lover!

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul Review!!

Last Thursday (The 9th of November) all of year 5&6 went to see a movie in the cinema. We watched The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul. It wasn’t a very remenberal plot as I can’t really remember what the movie was really about. The only part I could really remember was the fact that the Heffeleys went on a long road trip. It lasted for about four days. Whilst they were there, they went to a country farm and met the BEARDOS!!! ?? Rodrick, who is Greg’s older brother, ate 9 sticks of extra crispy fried butter!! ?? He ended up puking on the oldest Beardo!! The Beardos are horrible people so i wasn’t to sad when Rodrick puked on him! They are horrible as they stole MeMaws birthday present! The Heffelys also won a pig at the country fair!! ?? After everything, they managed to make it to MeMaws birthday on time! 

Overall, I would give this movie and 8 out of 10 as it was quite repetitive!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The characters were: Greg?? Rodrick?? Manny?? Mum?? Dad?? the BEARDOSSSSSS!!! ?????????? And MeMaw!??