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Puzzle day

Earlier this term, year 6,5 and 3 had a puzzle day, which was fun. When my group was  using teamwork first ,we did a balancing penguin and when we had all the penguins we had, to clap in to the air then we would get another challenge to complete and there was about 6 challenges, to complete my team only did three but my favourite challenge was making a rectangular road ,with 20 peaces there needed a lot of teamwork and reasilions and proision to complete this serton challenge  

Puzzle day

On puzzle day we went to the pink hall,where there was a lady waiting for us named Karen, she talked about how we are going to do the puzzles.Karen told us that we had to show great teamwork to finish the puzzles.

We got into groups of six and then started the first puzzle.On the first on we had to put all the penguins on the ice burg,it was tricky because the ice burg was shaking.My group still managed to do it we managed to do it because we showed teamwork.

Then the second puzzle was to build the object from the picture this one was harder than the first one.But we worked as a team and made it through.

We did lots of different ones to and at the end we did an illusion it was really fun.I enjoyed the morning I would love to do it again.But some of the challenges were really hard and we had to think about the puzzles hard.