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I’ll get over you! (My anti-bullying poem.)

Your words they burn inside, 

But they will never scar.

You may keep pulling me back,

But I will still go far.

Your glares they explode like bombs,

Your smiles they draw me inside.

You make my emotions flutter,

Like one huge rollercoaster ride!

I hate it when you lie,

I hate it when you smile.

You try to make me cry,

But it will take a while.

Your mean, cruel and rude,

And I don’t know what to do.

But over time, Eventually

I’ll get over you!

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul Review!!

Last Thursday (The 9th of November) all of year 5&6 went to see a movie in the cinema. We watched The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Long Haul. It wasn’t a very remenberal plot as I can’t really remember what the movie was really about. The only part I could really remember was the fact that the Heffeleys went on a long road trip. It lasted for about four days. Whilst they were there, they went to a country farm and met the BEARDOS!!! ?? Rodrick, who is Greg’s older brother, ate 9 sticks of extra crispy fried butter!! ?? He ended up puking on the oldest Beardo!! The Beardos are horrible people so i wasn’t to sad when Rodrick puked on him! They are horrible as they stole MeMaws birthday present! The Heffelys also won a pig at the country fair!! ?? After everything, they managed to make it to MeMaws birthday on time! 

Overall, I would give this movie and 8 out of 10 as it was quite repetitive!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The characters were: Greg?? Rodrick?? Manny?? Mum?? Dad?? the BEARDOSSSSSS!!! ?????????? And MeMaw!??

My morning with The Happy Puzzle Company!

Activity 1

Our first activity, was the ‘don’t tip the iceberg’ challenge. We had 10 groups of 6 and we had to place all of the penguins onto a separate section without the iceberg tipping and the penguins falling! The tricks were to take it in turns, place 2 penguins on opposite sides at a time and stay away from the iceberg so you didn’t tip it!

Activity 2 

We then moved onto the road puzzle. We had different road types to connect to make a road that moves smoothly and without any dead ends. My group found this quite easy as we were all really good at puzzles. We had things like roundabouts, strait roads, T junctions, Cross junctions and bendy roads.

Acticity 3

In activity three, we had a wooden, hexagon shaped template and we had LOADS of irregular quadrilaterals and we had to fill the hexagon. BUT there was a twist! We had to complete the hexagon without the same colours touching! I found this one really easy but some of the other groups found it rather hard!

Activity 4 

Activity 4 was REALLY hard!! We had to complete 2 structures with 7 blocks but… they were all different lengths and colours. Each block had a certain place on each model. We had to make these models with nothing but a photo. Some blocks had holes, some didn’t! And the terrests had to be at a certain height. With a lot of Teamwork and  Courage we managed to complete them both in around 10 minutes!

Activity 5

The next activity was rather fun! We had lots of different transparent pipes that we had to conjoin. We couldn’t have any holes unblocked by the time we had finished. Ours ended up looking like a strange 4 with a box attached at the bottom! We did this quite easily!

Activity 6 

Activity 6 was making a large square using: 2 large triangles, 2 tiny triangles, 1 oblong, 1 square and 1 medium triangle. My group found this one quite hard, we kept on trying but got into a few disagreements. We didn’t complete this activity because we had to move onto the next one…

Hypnosis (Activity 7)

Hypnosis was our last activity, we had a metal black and white swirl and we had to spin it.  First of all we looked at the back of our hand, it was growing and had some sort of bubbly effect. Then we looked at somebody’s face it was extending and had a starry effect on their skin.  Finally we looked at the ceiling, nothing really worked on this one for me. It didn’t work on everyone but that was completely normal, it just meant that their brain works quicker than other peoples!

I really hope they can come back soon!



My 100 word challenge!

The delicate, transparent light bulb, was attached to the ceiling too loosely, causing the bulb to come crashing down and spilling all of the shiny, shimmering beads! So how did the tiny figure get here? Well… the Wizard of this town was practicing his spells and accidentally cursed his sons toy figure and made it turn alive! How did these 24 thousand pound beads get inside the light bulb? Well the tiny figure called over all of his tiny figure friends (made from the same wizard) and all went to the shop for a beads shopping spree! They filled the bulb!

100 Word Challenge! (For Harry Potter Fans)

One foggy day, a sighting of huge feet engraved into the grass of a Somerset castle what rumored to be true!

So this is what really happened…  The Harry Potter BFG (Hagrid) decided he wanted a break from the Hogwarts grounds! So he and his wife took a trip down to Somerset. Hagrid also got a Howler from Dumbledore saying “Harry Potter was found looking for hawkruxes in the Brean Down Somerset castle…

Hagrid found Harry lying at the castle grounds. Harry and Hagrid managed to escape…

However the grass was drowned and mushy.