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100 word challenge

Today we went to the hall and we did some challenges,they were all quite tough.

The penguins challenge challenge was the hardest,you had to put  penguins on a moving iceberg especially since there were so many penguins you had to put on.

There was also the road challenge were you  had to connect a road 4 by 5 and it has to never ending road and it’s also harder than it looks!

There was also the challenge were you had a massive oval shape and there was a lot of colours you had to put in and the same colours touch!

100 word challenge

One day on the mooon there was a light bulb and then a astronauts  nocked it over then colours spred everywhere and it was like the earth!……………………;………………………;….2000000000 years later! The earth is dying and everyone had to go on a rocket to space and they went on the moon and they lived happily ever after! The moon never ever, ever, ever died again so every single person never ever died but they was no buildings! But on one day it rebuilt itself and the had to rush back to the massive rocket ship to go back and visit another planet.

100 Word Challenge! (For Harry Potter Fans)

One foggy day, a sighting of huge feet engraved into the grass of a Somerset castle what rumored to be true!

So this is what really happened…  The Harry Potter BFG (Hagrid) decided he wanted a break from the Hogwarts grounds! So he and his wife took a trip down to Somerset. Hagrid also got a Howler from Dumbledore saying “Harry Potter was found looking for hawkruxes in the Brean Down Somerset castle…

Hagrid found Harry lying at the castle grounds. Harry and Hagrid managed to escape…

However the grass was drowned and mushy.