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Happy Puzzle Day!

Today was puzzle day, and we ( year six ) went into the pink hall then we met karen – she was very nice- karen gave us a puzzle, it was a penguin game we had to balance the penguins onto the ice berg -it looked very easy but it was quite hard – and if you held the ice berg the teachers came over and knocked it over and you had to do it again.

After that, she gave us a challenge to  do as much puzzles as possible before the timer runs out. First there was one that you had to make the road it was like a jigsaw me and my group done it but it took us a bit to figgerd it out ( My group was me,maria,kacey,Dasiy,shopie and Miasha.)

Me and my team finished a lot but other groups done more but at least we tryed our best! At the end of the lesson all of us got a illussion disc an when we span it we looked at it and then we looked up then it made everything spin and it looked so funny!!!

My morning with the happy puzzle company !!!

Activity 1: First we done the Ice and penguin challenge where we had to try and place all of the penguins onto the ice and our top tip was to put the penguins on the same block but the opposite side so that the penguins didn’t fall off. We also made our way from the bottom to the top so that if we worked our way from the top to the bottom we wouldn’t have knocked the penguins off with our arms. And we also chose to put a penguin on one at a time.

Activity 2:Next we done the road puzzle after we had done penguins I thought  it was the t hardest one because some of the pieces had no holes for the other pieces to go in so you had to change the whole thing for them to fit in to the puzzle.

Activity 3: After that we gone a hexagon shape filler where we had to put triangle pieces in the hexagon but we  couldn’t put the same coloured triangle next to each other so that on was also very hard.

Activity 4:Then we done Block castle building and on that one we had to build 2 castles with a picture to help us build it with but there was hardly any holes on the blocks to build it with but everyone had different ideas so we had to keep on taking turns until we got it right.

Activity 5:The see through pipes were really hard for me because you had to build the pipes with out having holes on the outside but luckily we had 2 hole blockers but it still didn’t make it easier which was surprising.

Activity 6: On the second to last Activity we had lots of different shapes to make a square and that felt like it was impossible but the lady gave us a clue which was the 2 bigger triangles go at the top to help us but we never got to finish it in time that shows how hard it is.

Last Activity:The last Activity was hypnosis we had 3 times to do it what we had to do was look right at the tiny dot for it to work but it only worked for some people it only worked one easy for me and the one time that it worked for me was where I looked at the wall and everything went fuzzy but then it went away after 10 seconds.

The Puzzle Activity was the BEST THING EVER!!!!!!



One suny glorious day we come to school and we go to the pink hall and the puzzle company comes in. They told us to get in a good group of 4,5 or 6 and then we had to do some very very hard challenges. The first cool challenge we had to do is get the dilapidated ring of the handcuffs. After that we had penguins and an ice berg  and we had to put all the penguins on. After 10 minutes of frustrating the person from happy puzzle company called Karen stopped us because we took too long. Next we had 20 pieaces of road tracks and we had to make it into a massive road track. Then we had blocks and a picture and we made the picture with the blocks but there was two challenging pictures. Then we got pipes to build out of  and we had two pieaces to block it

The happy puzzle company in Year 6!

In Year 6 we went to the pink hall to try some challenges! The happy puzzle company is a company that makes puzzles for people! The some puzzles were really hard but we eventually finished them all. Most of the puzzles were pretty easy so we finished them in a matter of minutes!                                                                                                                                                      The first puzzle was a road puzzle, which was one of the easiest, and it didn’t take that long! We laid the road on a mat and tried to make it into a rectangle. A women – whose name was Caron from the happy puzzle company – gave us hints on how to finish the road puzzle , she said “The easiest shape to make with the road pieces is a rectangle.”                       Then we had the second challenge that was about building a sort-of castle and its was really hard because there was holes in the blocks and if there was holes on the opposite sides then the pieces  of the castle would fall through!                                                                             After that we tried a tube challenge where we had to connect the tubes without leaving any holes and it was really hard because there were lots of holes left out and we could only block out two of the holes.                                                                                                                                     Then we went onto a hexagon puzzle, the hexagon challenge was really hard because there was quadrilateral shapes with colors and we had to fill in the hexagon with the quadrilaterals without the same color touching each other! It wasn’t really hard, we only did the puzzles in less than three minutes.                                                                                                       After the hexagon challenge we had to make a square,rectangle and triangle with seven pieces and also we had to use all of the pieces! The square was the hardest but we eventually got there! After the square we tried the rectangle and that wasn’t really hard either, but the triangle was the hardest even though the solution was really easy!

My Morning with The Happy Puzzle Company!!

This morning we went to the pink hall to do puzzles with The Happy Puzzle company.

Activity 1:

Our first activity was the iceberg challenge.The rules are u have a bag of penguins and a ice burg.Then u have to try and balance all the penguins with out making the iceberg tip and all of them fall!The tip was to place to on either side so the weight was equal.

Activity 2:

Our next activity was to make a road with a puzzle that had no dead ends.Then we connected all of the pieces together to make a road!My group found this quite hard but me and Mary didn’t do much because Diana,Brianna and Ayesha would let us do much!So they finally completed it without our help!

Activity 3:

Activity 3 was hexagon shape filler.This activity was you had to fill a hexagon with shapes that were coloured!Our challenge was we had to fill the shape with the coloured bricks!But the same colour can’t touch each other!

Activity 4:

We had to build a castle with blocks and copy a picture to make if we did it right we had to do another one then another one.The last one we did was the trickiest because it showed a block hanging off but we didn’t know how to do it!

Activity 5:

In this final Activity,we had to spin a metal disc and look at the centre of the disc!Then we had to look at the back of our hand and it went all spiny and squiggly!Then we did it again but look at someone’s face and it was so creepy.Then finally we did it again then looked at the celiling and the ceiling looked like it was moving in and out!It was sort of satisfying but creepy.

My Favourite part:

My favourite part was the shape filler because it was working together (teamwork) and it was challenging because u has to try and not make the blocks touch.The women who came in was named Karen.It was also my favourite because it was so colourful!

morning puzzle

This morning we went to the hall and went started to do puzzles the first one was to get a ring of metal of a chain i fort it was easy some fort it was hard we done lots of challenges the hardest one was to put lots of penguins on to a ice mountain it would wole badly that was the only hard one for me the easy one was to make a building with different shapes we where the only group how done it well we only had 1 left  i had lots of fun so will the next 

Puzzle day

On puzzle day we went to the pink hall,where there was a lady waiting for us named Karen, she talked about how we are going to do the puzzles.Karen told us that we had to show great teamwork to finish the puzzles.

We got into groups of six and then started the first puzzle.On the first on we had to put all the penguins on the ice burg,it was tricky because the ice burg was shaking.My group still managed to do it we managed to do it because we showed teamwork.

Then the second puzzle was to build the object from the picture this one was harder than the first one.But we worked as a team and made it through.

We did lots of different ones to and at the end we did an illusion it was really fun.I enjoyed the morning I would love to do it again.But some of the challenges were really hard and we had to think about the puzzles hard.

100 word challenge

one day an astronaut came down from space , his spaceship crashed into a mysterious object. It was was a light bulb full of beads , but he did not know what it was so he thought it was a jar of sweets. But he was wrong . He tried to eat one but it tasted  horrible. He threw one to see if it  would break. Then an alien  came and he explained that it was a light bulb full of beads and they were not  edible and they break when you throw them. The rest of the story is still remains unknown…..

What I did today

First we went to the pink Hallandale did some activities and one of them was trying to get a ring of the hand cuffs then we had to put all the  penguins on to the iceburg but it cept falling of and no one did it .

Then we was doing a road puzzle but it was hard then we did it after that we did two castle puzzles and we got stuck on it a really long ,after that we did a hexagon and the colours could not touch so we thought it was easy and it was so we did it quickly.

Then we did a  colour tube challenge and it could not have any holes in the ends also it had to all be used.

Puzzle morning

This morning (28.09.17)we had a visitor coming to do some puzzles with us.We were in teams of 4-6 peoples(In my team was Me, Yasmin, David, Dhruv and Nathaniel).We had to work together and show determination becouse the puzzles were really hard.Every one was helping, every one was sharing ideas, every one was working hard.For me the hardest bit was bulding the castle,which was made out of wooden blocks,  from the fotho.I thik  me and my team spend on it like a 10 minutes but we didin’t give up.Those blocks have holes in it from diffrent sides and that was makeing it hard.

Anyway, everyone had lot of fun with solving thos puzzles and that is the most important thing.