How to save the world

Saving the world might be difficult but we have to stop the pollution.

Soil pollution

From the picture above ⬆️, the gas chemicals affect the soil poising it while the crops grow but later on it where’s

Water pollution.

The trash can effect the ocean it self  and the fishes whales and sharks that live there one little thing can effect everything and everyone

Air pollution.

Even though air pollution is bad we need to stop it the factories are mostly guilty followed by aeroplanes and cars they are really bad for the Environment and people it can cause Athsma and other diseases.

Noise pollution.

The noise from this rock band are probably deafening because it would so loud that you have to leave cause of the microphone they sing into and it’s like they scream into it.


Deforestation is a big thing in the world they cut down trees even though we need them to breathe and live.

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