About climates (also things related to it)

This blog is gonna talk about pollution or things related to it so we are gonna talk about waste or climates like pollution or also global warming and things like that.

1. Different types of  pollution

There are different types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and plastic pollution (waste) these types of pollution are caused by us humans. Also there are 90% of pollution in our world.
2. What causes global warming 

global warming is caused by many things like wasting energy for example you turn on the fan while your window is open and other things that cause global warming can be cutting down trees generating so much power and manufacturing goods

3. About Atmosphere waste

There are loads of things that litter the Atmosphere not also can it litter the Atmosphere it can pollute air also the polluted air contains toxic air that is harmful for us to inhale.

4. Conclusion

these facts are all you need to know about the world about pollution and waste also about the toxic air we create in this world. And this is what you should know about waste




More adventures in earth’s world

Hello everyone! Welcome to this blog about earth’s world, we will talk about some of my adventures in this world! I won’t share too much personal stuff in this blog. My name is Paulene, also we will talk about the world in earth! Feel free to comment kindly,

1st thing

Have you been to Asia? This big continent has a lot of countries! Than Europe!

I had an adventure to 9 countries! Not very alot  I know I will share 2 facts.

  1. 2nd

Europe has 50 countries it’s the 3rd biggest continent and the 2nd smallest continent in earth.
That’s all I can say in this blog I’ll do more next time.

Everything I learned on volcanoes and earthquakes

How to survive situations of earthquakes.

1. Drop yourself somewhere

2. Cover yourself with your arms

3. Hide under a furniture or a sofa

4. hold on until the shaking stops

5. Dont go near somewhere with windows or glass

How earthquakes form.

  • when the tectonic plates rub against eachother
  • when the tectonic plates move
  • when the tectonic plates are separating

Categories of volcanoes.

  • Dormant
  • extinct
  • active

how the volcano forms.