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100 Word challenge #2

One day there was a man who got woken up by a loud SMASH he wondered what it was. Later that day he  went to the shop, on his way he saw a light bulb that had loads of coulorful beads that came out. He got his friend to come look at it and they just didn’t know what to say! People came to help sweep it up so the mess would all be GONE!

A year Later

Do you remember that massive light bulb that got smashed? Yes I do it took ages to it  clean up. THE END

100 Word Challenge [ For Harry Potter Fans]

Strangely, Harry was walking around at night under his invisibility cloak, looking for a book about mysterious creatures. He had seen some vast footprints! He was trying to find out what was causing them. He didn’t tell Ron or Hermione because he wanted to find a bit about how they came. Ron would have been really scared so he hadn’t told him yet. Ron isn’t very adventurous.

The Next Day

Hermione! shouted  Harry Yes? exclaimed Hermione have you seen these footprints? NO? Come on then! OH MY I researched it a bit! what are they Harry? It’s a GOBLINS footprints!