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morning puzzle

This morning we went to the hall and went started to do puzzles the first one was to get a ring of metal of a chain i fort it was easy some fort it was hard we done lots of challenges the hardest one was to put lots of penguins on to a ice mountain it would wole badly that was the only hard one for me the easy one was to make a building with different shapes we where the only group how done it well we only had 1 left  i had lots of fun so will the next 

100 word challenge

one day there was a person who was randamly walking all of a sudden somethink was  coming was coming  down from the sky it narly hit he only just dojed it he was so lukky but the queston  is who done this beacuse it is very unuswas so he decided to go up to space he zoomed up to space he saw bubbling water shooting out light bolbs bihind it there was a window he went closer and closer there was a criminal in it he sot hum with a lather gunual we only wanted to know who it





If you don’t already now this weak is stem weak it stands for science technology engineering and math all thrue the weak we will do them 4 things one of the most funniest fings were the rockrt balloons and the fomy fonttin it didn’t go so high but it dident go as high as we ghought but it was still quite cool we all loved it it was one of the funniest fings ever it was so cool we all done a video on it we had to do a video about what we done it was so fun so cool