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Easter Holidays!!

In the Easter holidays I didn’t really do anything special.The only thing that was fun for me was when my grandfather and grandmother came over,from Poland,  to my house.Buts still, it would not be interesting for anyone reading it,  so I’am just going to talk about all the boring things I done.I didn’t really play on my Xbox or my computer because my grandfather and grandmother came over.But after they gone back to Poland I was playing one of the most popular game of 2018,which is fortnite, a lot because I was very bored,like always.On Friday I’ve gone basketball court with Nathaniel and David.And there is only one thing I really enjoyed,playing cards with my dad,mum  grandfather and grandmother,which may sound wired but it  was really fun for me.


Climate change is when the average  temperature increase  a lot in not very big amount of time.

It is very important because it can course  a lot of problems like floods.

We can have Electric Monitors that will turn everything at the end of the school and at the beginning of the school day they will turn all the staff on.




Invented: 1885
Inventor: John Kemp Starley

The bicycle as we know it today was originally developed as the “safety bicycle”, because other bikes at the time – including the penny-farthing – were extremely dangerous. The key to the new bicycle was the chain drive, which ment you could still go fast even though both wheels were the same size. For most people it was arguably the most liberating invention of all time.

Invented: 1835
Inventor: William Henry Fox Talbot

It’s hard to say who was the inventor of photography – the first fixed image was made by Joseph Niépce in 1826 but took eight hours to expose. In 1835, Fox Talbot (right) made another breakthrough by using silver iodide on paper and found a way to produce a translucent negative that could be used to make any number of positives by contact printing – a system used until the advent of digital cameras.

Invented: 1926                                                                                                                                                      Inventor: John Logie Baird

We spend nearly 10 years of our lives in front of it, as well as a lifetime total of over £6,000 of our money just powering them. This single object has brought the wonders of planet earth into our daily lives.


Puzzle morning

This morning (28.09.17)we had a visitor coming to do some puzzles with us.We were in teams of 4-6 peoples(In my team was Me, Yasmin, David, Dhruv and Nathaniel).We had to work together and show determination becouse the puzzles were really hard.Every one was helping, every one was sharing ideas, every one was working hard.For me the hardest bit was bulding the castle,which was made out of wooden blocks,  from the fotho.I thik  me and my team spend on it like a 10 minutes but we didin’t give up.Those blocks have holes in it from diffrent sides and that was makeing it hard.

Anyway, everyone had lot of fun with solving thos puzzles and that is the most important thing.

100 Word Challenge

The photo is about your ideas (Sounds a little bit weird?). When you don’t think or you don’t want to think those small people takes your ideas out of your brain but when you are thinking, those small people in your mind can’t get those ideas.On the photo those balls are your ideas, if you not thinking they are going out of your brain.Easy, less you thinking less you got ideas.The light bulb, like in movies when someone got idea or trying to think you will find it and when they don’t think you will not see it. THE END