My weekend

On Friday after school I went to Daphne’s and played with David who is 2 years old. he would not let me go when my dad came at 5:15.  when I went he was crying so my dad said I could go give him a hug the he fell asleep on me so I put him in his buggy. When i got to my dads I had to get changed to go to Prezo. I had meatballs with mozzarella cheese.

On Saturday I had a bath then went on my PlayStation and played Lego marvel with my brother. We were against sand man at 1:00 we went to my nans and played with her cat Milly, who is 1. Then I had a apple and mango j2o – it was amazing .

What is happening in this picture?

There is a group of  British inventors, who wanted to make a new invention, so they planned out their ideas on paper. They liked to make new ideas, they all had great ideas so they put all of their ideas together; some of them had ideas about putting flavors into drinks, one had the idea of making hot drinks. “How about we add all of our ideas together, it will make a great invention!”They put flavors into different drinks to make them taste more of a flavor. They were inter viewed  about their new invention, everyone likes the new invention, so they all tried their flavors and they all liked.


On Friday last week we went out side to see a Penny Farthing that William and his dad brought to school.  He told us some facts about the penny farthing he told us that the penny farthing was popular in the late 19 century. Also he said that the penny farthing would take a weekend to learn how to ride it and he told us how we to get on and off. You push the bike to a certain speed and then you come on and when you get off you slow down then jump off. William’s bike had wires because his was made earlier than he dad’s bike.

my half term

On Saturday me and my mum were busy tidying up while my sister was out choosing a dress to wear at her nans  wedding and while my step-dad was upstairs sleeping. On Sunday we just chilled out and I played my Wii console and watched TV and watched  my favorite film which is Pirates of the Caribbean. On Monday I layed in bed for a while then I got up and got ready then i went out and played with my friends Morgan and Zoe. On Tuesday I was really excited because it was a week until Halloween and I  was getting a new costume. On Wednesday I went out the front and played a little bit more and then this time i didn’t just play with Morgan and Zoe but I also played with Katie. On Thursday me and my sister were looking forward to the next day because our 2 cousins and our uncle were coming round. On Friday my cousins and uncle came round because it was my cousin Imogen’s 4th birthday. 

Puzzle day

Earlier this term, year 6,5 and 3 had a puzzle day, which was fun. When my group was  using teamwork first ,we did a balancing penguin and when we had all the penguins we had, to clap in to the air then we would get another challenge to complete and there was about 6 challenges, to complete my team only did three but my favourite challenge was making a rectangular road ,with 20 peaces there needed a lot of teamwork and reasilions and proision to complete this serton challenge  

100 word challenge

Today we went to the hall and we did some challenges,they were all quite tough.

The penguins challenge challenge was the hardest,you had to put  penguins on a moving iceberg especially since there were so many penguins you had to put on.

There was also the road challenge were you  had to connect a road 4 by 5 and it has to never ending road and it’s also harder than it looks!

There was also the challenge were you had a massive oval shape and there was a lot of colours you had to put in and the same colours touch!

100 word challenge

One day on the mooon there was a light bulb and then a astronauts  nocked it over then colours spred everywhere and it was like the earth!……………………;………………………;….2000000000 years later! The earth is dying and everyone had to go on a rocket to space and they went on the moon and they lived happily ever after! The moon never ever, ever, ever died again so every single person never ever died but they was no buildings! But on one day it rebuilt itself and the had to rush back to the massive rocket ship to go back and visit another planet.



Invented: 1885
Inventor: John Kemp Starley

The bicycle as we know it today was originally developed as the “safety bicycle”, because other bikes at the time – including the penny-farthing – were extremely dangerous. The key to the new bicycle was the chain drive, which ment you could still go fast even though both wheels were the same size. For most people it was arguably the most liberating invention of all time.

Invented: 1835
Inventor: William Henry Fox Talbot

It’s hard to say who was the inventor of photography – the first fixed image was made by Joseph Niépce in 1826 but took eight hours to expose. In 1835, Fox Talbot (right) made another breakthrough by using silver iodide on paper and found a way to produce a translucent negative that could be used to make any number of positives by contact printing – a system used until the advent of digital cameras.

Invented: 1926                                                                                                                                                      Inventor: John Logie Baird

We spend nearly 10 years of our lives in front of it, as well as a lifetime total of over £6,000 of our money just powering them. This single object has brought the wonders of planet earth into our daily lives.