the national gallery of London trip

We went  to the national gallery of London on November 20th 2018. We went to  see the men of the docks by George bellows and all the other paintings. we saw the bigger versions of the pictures from the fameouse artists. we got on the coach at 7:45 am in the morning (that is so late).


As soon as we saw the paintings  i was in shock when i was able to see the men in the docks it was insane when it was in the big picture.i was in shock when I saw it was even in oil paint the guide person said  it was colourful and shiny .

it wasnt not diffrent  when I saw it in real life because, it was just a zoomed in version of the one we saw at school while we are in art. the texture was really not that great.

the most exciting  part was going to the gift shop because I went and got sweets and and other things like that.and seeing the tourists…


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