year 6 trip.

On Tuesday November 20th  some of the year 6 traveled on a school bus to the  National Gallery in London  to see the rest of the picture which was Men of the Docks . We have been learning about immigrants in 1892. My favourite painting was called The Fyhting  Temeraire, by Turner, Because it has

Year 6 trip

 On Tuesday November 20th Some of  the year 6 traveled  to  London on a white school bus  to the National Galley and  to see the Men of the Docks . My favourite  paninting  was called  The Fyhting  Temerare I like it because the colours  are relaxing and there are lost of ships . The guide told us

The National Gallery

On Tuesday the 20th of November 2018, h.p.s(Huntingdon primary school) went to the National Gallery for take one picture,wich is a school trip most schools in England are taking part in, to view famous paintings.Today I am going to tell you my favourite parts. In my opinion, the most interesting one was the fighting temeraire

The National Gallery

On Tuesday 20 th November 2018 year 6 went on a trip to london.We went on a coach and had to arrive at school really early to avoid traffic. When we got there i was astonished by how it was set out and just the appearance. The reason we were at The National Gallery was


On Tuesday 20th November, year 6 went to The National Gallery in London. The reason why we went there is because our school entered a ‘take one picture’. Another reason why we went is because we have been learning about a painting ‘the men at the docks’, it was painted by a famous artist George

Our art

 This half term in art we have been learning  about a painting called Men At The Docks . During some of our lesson we were listening to the sound scape of the Men At The Docks and we heard different noises. The magnificent enormous men at the docks painting was made by George Bellow .

Trip to the national gallery

On Tuesday 20 November 2018, year 6 went to the the national gallery. As soon as we stepped into the gallery,I noticed that they have a surprising amount of original paintings. When we started to walk around the gallery, there were a lot of strange paintings. I can’t remember the name of the first painting

The National Gallery

On the 20th November 2918 the whole of year six went on a interesting trip to The National Gallery.We traveled on a coach it took about two hours to get there but we made it and it was worth it.We went to look at a painting called Men on the docks in particular but we