The National Gallery

On Tuesday the 20th of November 2018, h.p.s(Huntingdon primary school) went to the National Gallery for take one picture,wich is a school trip most schools in England are taking part in, to view famous paintings.Today I am going to tell you my favourite parts.

In my opinion, the most interesting one was the fighting temeraire because it has a lot of history behind it, like did you know that the white boat was an atchual ware boat but I guess that the government decided that that they are going to destroy it and use the scraps of wood.Also when you are there in real life    you can see all the detail and how hard the artist worked on that peace.

I think that it is different because you can see all the different directions of strokes. I also like all the coulrse

My favourite part was in the gift shop because their were lots of cool things

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