National Art Gallery Trip

On Tuesday 20th November 2018 we went to the
National Art Gallery, which is in London. We
went for a school trip and many other schools
where there and I think it was a place every
school has to go to. The reason why we went to
the gallery because we took a better look at
the men of the docks painting as we where using that picture for our term topic.

My most favourite and interesting painting was the Fighting Temeraire
because I really liked the ombré effect on the sunset and how colourful and pretty it was.
Also the sunset painting
was really detailed and I really adore clouds
they are the prettiest thing in the sky but the sunset is my most favourite thing in the sky.
The ombré really goes into debatable to try and make it look realistic and that’s was I like
about paintings. The Fighting Temeraire,which
had a beautiful reflection in the clear baby
blue sea, was my absolute favourite.

The Men of the Docks turned out to be more
detailed then I expected and it was better in
real life because you could see it more
detailed in real life and they gave around a
canvas that had extra parts of the oil pastel
that made it bumps so we could feel it. I was
surprised of how big it was, also I didn’t see the man in the corner all by his self looking
all lonely.

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the gift shop because there was a lot of things to look at I got a rainbow bird but now I
want the stress ball. My second favourite part was when we were on the bus because I liked
talking to my friends especially Ipshita
because she was right next to me keeping me
company, she also let me use her coat to sleep on just like what a friend would do. It was
kind of boring but Ippy would be there to be less bored she always made me laugh😂

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