The National Gallery

On Tuesday 20 th November 2018 year 6 went on a trip to london.We went on a coach and had to arrive at school really early to avoid traffic. When we got there i was astonished by how it was set out and just the appearance. The reason we were at The National Gallery was because we were learning about George Bellows and one of his paintings and it turn out it was at the National Gallery so we thought we thought why not go there.

My favourite painting was called snow scene at Argentina by a famouse artist called Claude Monet. This was my favourite because it had alot of detail and it involved snow and I love snow and i love how they used their brush and how they made strokes. Even though this painting wasn’t painted by George Bellows we went around the Gallery and their were some amazing paintings that were not from Bellows.

The men of the docks was different then it was on google because you could really see the textures and how he used his coulors. I prefer the real thing because youncan learn from it and can see all of the colors that were used proply and it is better then seeing a picture of google.

My favourite part of the trip was when we had a chance to go around the gallery as a group after we got some stationary at the gift shop in the gallery. My group leader was Miss A and she let us stop and look at any pictures that we liked.

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