Ellis Island welcomes new arrivals

America: a land of freedom, inspiration and a fresh start. Today for the first time Ellis Island has opened their doors for a huge warming welcome to many fortunate people looking for a new life and a fresh start. Coming and hoping that they will be on track, to their American dream. On the first January 1892, Annie Moore (in search of a better life)is the first ever person to immigrate to America. Annie  More moved from the disadvantaged town of cork in Ireland(with her family), has now made history for being the first ever successful person to migrate to the free lands of America. Miss Moore and 147 other fortunate people disembarked the steamship Nevada blessed to be able to move to this country of opportunity. Who are these people? What are their future hopes? How many more will follow?

Annie Moore(along with her two younger brothers)like most have travelled from far to live their dream. Annie said, “I can’t wait to have a new start its bee so long since I have seen my parents and I can’t wait to be a family again.” However many other migrants have travelled from across the world for many different reasons. For example more opportunity, more money, better jobs and for a better education. These are just some of the many reasons why people come to America. The SS Nevardo travelled for 12 tiring days, with Annie and many other third-class passengers sleeping on the rusty freezing floor. Annie told us”The ride was very uncomfortable and I was really exhausted when I got off but it was worth it”Every day more boats arrive with more people. Will this place of freedom ever change?

Although the more immigrants the more skills they can bring the more time can happen Not all these lucky people will commit a crime but there will still be many that will take advantage of the free lands of America and commit a crime. This is making our outstanding city a not so good of a place to be anymore. Let’s think about jobs. If all the migrants come and take all the jobs and fill all the spaces then dents will start to for on many peoples lives that already live here. This is going to leave many family’s struggling to provide.

Although an outstanding amount of migrants are flooding in its important to remember that everyone deserves the American dream.No one will ever forget the amazing time in history when Annie Moore claimed the title of being the first ever immigrant in America.


2 thoughts on “Ellis Island welcomes new arrivals

  1. Really interesting to read ABOUT the first IMMIGRANTS who arrived on Ellis Island -all them years ago. I can’t imagine how they felt after such a horrendous journey.
    I hope you enjoyed carrying out the research for this PIECE-well done.

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