Our Trip To The National Art Museum In London

On the 20th of November 2018 year 6 went to the National Art Gallery to look at the Men at the Docks picture by George Bellow, because its for our theme. Our school year went to see the picture to learn more about immigrants.

My favourate painting was Het Steen In The Early Morning because there is a beautiful green fields that have a massive amount of trees. The cows have a unique brown and white colour with the majestic birds flying through the large landscape.      This picture has a big lovely mansion with a man and a women holding a baby to the side of it. We also found out that the man who painted this his wife died so he met another women and had a baby and the people holding the baby in the background is them to.

The Men in the Docks painting had lots of texture and looked smooth, when we had a picture on the computer it looked super smooth like it was a plain piece of paper. Later we found out he made it without acrylic paint he didn’t use powder paint but he used oil paint and the whole class had no idea what oil paint is and that it takes longer to dry than normal paint i expected the painting to be smooth and look soft instead of bumpy and wavy.

My favourate part of the trip was when we were a little lost while we were lost we took a look at how unique the hand painted paintings are and how they looked like a selfie you would take on your phone. This was the fun part of the trip because we didn’t just look at a single picture but we looked at several of them, one of the pictures was a snowy one and George Bellow painted this because this is where he lived.


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