The Teleportation Device – By Rayan

500 words story

The Teleportation Device

In 2025 London, a boy was born who in the future was working for a secret facility in Northern Canada. His name was John and when he was growing up he told everyone he was going to be a security guard in a secret place but everyone laughed at him and told him he never will. But, in 2050 he got a job offer to work in a classified facility. As you would expect, John took the job without a second thought, even though it is far away from where he lives and where his friends and family live.

He had to air travel to get to his new job in Northern Canada which was where he traveled. He got an apartment and went to the facility tomorrow so he could get the apartment ready. The next day, he went to the facility and had to sign a contract where he couldn’t share his experience in the facility with anyone. His job was to defend a generator from a lake they told him, John then laughed and, they also told him it is easier said than done. He then went to lake because his job started and realised it was red and asked the other guards “Why is this lake red?”

And then the first guard explained “This lake is no ordinary lake, it keeps spitting out monsters and it’s sometimes easy to terminate them and it’s sometimes hard to terminate them, it’s like the lake has emotions and it decides how difficult it is to take down the monsters which makes us think how hard the monsters are, is depending on the lakes mood.”

John was worried and decided to take a look around the area. Later, John then found something dug up in the snow and decided to pick it up. It looked like something he could put on his back so, he tried putting on his back and it worked he felt a power surge and didn’t question it but he still kept the thing on his back.

He then helped the other three guards defend off the monsters and after a painful hour of fighting, the lake stopped like it gave up but once everyone turned around to go back, a GIANT tentacle came out of the lake the director screamed on the radio “WHAT THE HELL, EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE AREA FAST SOMETHING BIG CAME OUT IM CALLING BACKUP!”

But, it was too late for every guard even John. The tentacle grabbed all of them and somehow John teleported to the directors office and then realised the thing on his back was a teleportation device. He did not care about that then because he was worried about the others guards which is the reason why he went back to the lake. The guards turned into the monsters so, John had to kill them but then the scientist came and explained “I can cure them don’t worry.” 

The End.

The mysterious plane

Yashna Ahmed

7 November 2023

The mysterious plane

In a strange airport, there was a girl named Kristina and Jake they loved to explore mysterious problems. As they were sitting and waiting in the airport they heard an announcement and some other kind of plane came and no one knew where it came from. “OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A HORRIBLE NOISE!” Kristina and Jake screamed. 

So many people were shocked and had never heard of it, it was called 51APB it had came after 15 years but everyone still didn’t know. Kristina and Jake were also shocked and wanted to know who or what was in there, on the land they looked like humans so Kristina and Jake took a plane and flew through the sky and followed it.

No one in the airport saw a pilot or anything but the passengers were still there. “IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE EVERYONE WAS SHOCKED AND SO WAS I!” Kristina shouted. As they had explored, the ground looked like chocolate milk but it was actually rocks and around them was lots of stars that were shimmering in space. 

There was so many aliens that were blue, green, purple, red and yellow they looked a bit muddled Kristina and Jake were a bit disgusted and confused. Who knows what will happen next maybe a person flying like a bird probably? THE END…

Lost at the park by Sonia Gomes

Everyday Brandon plays at the same old park and everyday he sees the same old people.

But today was different. There was a new girl at the park, who had a pink headband on and looked like she was 6 years old. Brandon had seen her struggling to get onto the swing, jumping up and down but never quite reaching seat. 

Approaching the girl with kindness he said, ‘Would you like me to help you?’ He looked at the swing. ‘I could make the swing a bit lower. You could get on it yourself the.’

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she nods slowly. ‘Thank you for helping, thank you so much.’

Brandon grunted. ‘No worries,’ he replied. 

Brandon returned to the slide. After ten minutes of playing on the slide and feeling proud of himself, he approached the girl again. ‘ Would you like to play with me? You look like you could do with a friend.’ Since she was new to the neighbourhood and hadn’t made any new friends yet and 

she happily accepted and excitedly hoped along after Brandon. 

The new friends played happily for a while. People began to leave the park and as darkness fell, Brandon began to wonder where the girl’s parents were. He spoke to his own parent, who wanted to take him home. ‘Can we keep her? I’ve always wanted pet.’ Brandon asked. 

‘She’s not a pet,Brandon. We need to find her parents.’ His mum replied. 

They waited a while longer, but no one came. Brandon’s mum decided they really did need to get back so they took the girl back with them as she didn’t know her new address. They rang the number that the girl had on a scrap of paper. No luck. When they got home, they quickly made some posters to help her try to find her parents. What they should have done is call the police. This took them 24 hours  to remember to do it. 

After mum had a spoken to the police, and with more failed attempts to contact her parents, she decided to get the little girl settled in. 

Another day went by and another call from the police. At 2am, the police came to collect the girl. Her parents had been found and she was reunited with them. 

Tommy Falls in Love

Tommy and Ann were heading out, they did not know each other.  Ann was coming back from having dinner at her favourite restaurant and Tommy was going to the same restaurant. They bumped into each other and they looked at each other and said, “sorry  See you later bye Oh sorry, can I  have your number?” Tommy replied, “yeah, sure. We could probably hang out sometime.” They said bye to each other. Tommy was thinking he’d seen a girl who he really liked.   Ann was also thinking about Tommy.

Tommy called her and asked Ann if she would meet him at the park. Ann replied, “yes, I would love to!”.

Ann arrived at the park and saw that Tommy had planned  an entire picnic for her.  “Thank you! I just wanted to see you since we bumped into each other.” Tommy responded, “I’m trying to make up for walking into you. I’m sorry about earlier.” it’s okay thank you for giving me this picnic,   let’s eat now how has your day been. It’s been  okay I’m so sorry for bumping into you and I mean it I guess, guess I’ll see you soon, then. i’ll see you soon. bumping into each other again,. I’m so sorry we had a picnic together.  okay I’ll see you later then byeI’m going now. they meet each other again when they’re older, and then they realise that they saw each other in the past. fall in love…with each other again, and finally, they fell in love with each other, and they were together forever.

By Aimee

A demon Apocolypse= Written by Olivia K

This story took place in 2210 in Tokyo,Japan in the future.

Years after trying to be immortal , the famous man, Nazum Ijustubik finally got what he wanted. Although  he cannot walk in the sunlight anymore, he is immortal unless a demon slayer, for example Ao decapitated him with a shining red blade during the night. The demon population grew daily, the two strongest demons are called Azaka and Doma, they are really strong but weaker than Nazum. The strongest demon slayers are called the Hashira, they are most praised amongst all of the slayers. The demons are overpowering the demon slayers, nobody knows how they are getting stronger. They have meetings every decade in their world called the infinity castle. It has no way in and no way out, unless a demon with a Biwa teleports you in or out of there. Otherwise you can not leave the place.

The first mission Me and Daitaro got as a Hashira was one of the strongest demons, Doma, he has unimaginable powers like ice figures which can freeze you and slowly kill you. Since we are the two strongest demon slayers, they are expected to finish him off. As they walk towards the place, the we were petrified, we didn’t know what to expect. Are we expecting a weak or a strong demon, who knows? Hours later we arrive at the area, it’s misty and there’s voices everywhere. There’s a strong smell, it smells like blood but it’s so clean. A cold  chill ran down my spine, I  turned around and there he was! Charging at the two of us with his fan which was sending us a cold chill  . Within a second Daitaro took his shining red blade out and lunged towards the demon. 

“Wait what’s happening!”shouted Daitaro. Another demon came running from the forest. In a blink of an eye, he took his axe out and charged for me. What can I do? There’s no one to help. But I can’t get distracted, I have to help Daitaro before he gets seriously injured.” Seconds later there was smoke, smoke everywhere! What do we do!” I screamed in a panicky voice. After a few seconds of silence I looked back and I was horrified at what I saw. By brother? My own brother was laying on the ground smothered in blood. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?

Staring at my brothers corpse shocked, a gust of wind blew towards be at both sides. “Will I die?” I thought. I ducked but to my amazement the demons weren’t going for me, they were going for each other? I stared in awe, I didn’t know this was possible, I thought all demons liked each other… Running towards them, they turned back. The two looked like they were about to burst. It looked like a rage of anger just overtook their bodies. Can I do this? I will try, I’m going to fulfil the promise I made to my brother!

The Devil’s Pet


Oliver stumbled, almost tripped, and gasped. Lying on the damp, moss-infested, grassy, forest floor was a small, black, kitten, one of its eyes were swollen shut. It looked rather malnourished and neglected. Oliver was just wondering why someone would leave an animal to rot, when he spotted something. Tied on the poor kitten’s leg was a soggy, crumpled, note. Untying it, he read aloud: ‘BEWARE,  THIS CAT IS THE DEVIL’S PET.’
“Nonsense,” Oliver muttered, softly, so as to not alarm the kitten. “ Just because it’s a black cat, doesn’t mean it’s the father of all evil.” He rolled his eyes at the note, before ripping it. Reaching a decision, he scooped up the kitten in his arms and started down the trail that would lead to his humble and lonely cottage located in the forest, where no one else dared to live, or for that matter, enter.

The ancient and dusty wooden door creaked open, revealing a comfortable looking living space. The kitten started meowing, visibly distressed. “It’s okay, you’re perfectly safe with me,” Oliver hushed, comfortingly. He placed it on a velvety red armchair, where it curled up. “ I’ll go find you something to eat.” Oliver yawned, it was already reaching nightfall. He walked up to the fridge, opened it, and took out a can of tuna. Crash!He swiftly turned round to see his favourite vase cracked and broken on the floor. The kitten was still curled up on the armchair, so how did it smash?

“ And the cat was still curled up, was it?”
After the previous night’s events, Oliver had decided to call an exorcist. He wasn’t very religious, but he didn’t want to take any chances. “Yes, when I looked round the cat was soundly asleep, how could a sleeping cat have smashed the vase?”
The exorcist nodded thoughtfully, then asked, “ Sir, do you mind if I check for any demons?”
“ I- no, I don’t mind, isn’t that what you’re here for, anyway?” Oliver replied, as the exorcist started waving his crucifix around the house
“ Sir, your house is unfortunately occupied by- by the devil’s children, most commonly known as demons.” The exorcist was sweating. “I must leave here immediately.” He left, shaking. While Oliver had never felt so terrified in his entire life, he bit his lip, anxiously.

It couldn’t be the cat, could it? Now that Oliver had began to wonder, he realised that before he had found the cat, before he had adopted it, everything in his home and near it was always peaceful. Was it really the stray kitten that he had adopted? Oliver heard a loud and audible hiss, and, terrified of what he would see, he turned round. Standing there was the cat, its eyes pouring blood, and, in a split second, before Oliver had the time to register it, it lunged at him, opening a black void beneath his feet, and sent him spiralling down, towards the murky, dark, fiery, depths of hell.

The phone that went astray by Awais Muhammad

 One day, When a man called Leo was walking down the park he had headphones on and was listening to the new hit song called  So good he loved the song. He loved it so much  that he would not take his headphones off .  Then his phone started to vibrate and since he had headphones on. He could not hear the vibration and then his phone fell out of his pocket. He was at the park when the vibration when happening since his headphones were on. He had no idea that the vibration was going to happen today . But right after the vibration happened the phone had fell out he had not noticed that the phone had fell out of his pocket.

After some time the phone had disappeared from his pocket it had landed in an alley way .This alley was not empty. A kid called James and then  he looked below him and found the phone. James was not having the best day he had a bad day at school. Then James picked up the phone. After James  picked up the phone the phone had the persons name on it and where he was. Then he noticed that the person was where he was going to somewhere that had things to play with and children over there.

So James made his way to the park but when he arrived at the park he could not see the owner. He knew how the owner looked like since it was on the phone. But after he was looking he thought of something in his head thought that he can keep the phone. I think this because if I repair the phone and it works really well I can sell it for a really extravagant price . 

As being a phone it is not very cramped but since there are two phones in hers it is making it very cramped. The phone that is with me is a Lake 23 ultra it brags so much about how much better he is than me when actually I am better than him. If you are asking what phone I am the powerful lolly 8 pro max. I even have 16.01 generation the highest generation for any phone I even work just like the selfish ugly Lolly 15 I hate how people say that the Lolly 8 pro max is the most bad phone in the world when it is actually better.

After some time Leo was looking for the phone  he could not find the phone. But he saw a kid and he had the phone. James did not want to keep the phone and he saw the owner and threw the phone at him. The owner of the phone was so relaxed after he saw the phone he had learnt a lesson from this that the internet is not always good and so is electronics not always good he zipped him up so he will not leave again  I was miserable that he had left me I became very stressed


In a small village in Ireland lived two young kittens one Tiger(short fur ,tabby, talkative) the other Trixie(long fur, shy, white kitten) they were best of friends since they were three years old. They both have been dreaming of being an astronaut when they grow up, as they tell their parents they don’t know what they’re going to say if they’re going to be kind and supportive or mean and horrible. Anger shone in their eyes as Tiger told their parents.

“WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE AN ASTRONAUT!!! *sigh* let’s get you some churros and think what you want to be.” Tiger, terrified, started to cry and wiped her nose while nodding for churros.

Trixie was supported by her mother and her father they both loved the idea of her being an astronaut .”OMG YOU’RE AN … ASTRONAUT. YAY, YOU’RE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!”They also went to get churros.

As they both went to the churro stand, they bumped into each other…CRASH…both Tiger and Trixie fell onto each other. “Tiger is that you? Oh my gosh it is you!” Trixie asked softly “Yeah are you getting churros too?”Tiger answered in a exiting tone. Happy, both got churros and ate them as quick as a cheater.

They were both very happy but not as happy enough they need an adventure come to find out what happened next. I wonder what? A beanstalk grows in their garden or they find three candy houses or even find their secret fairy grandmother.

“Trixie do you want to build the rocket that we’ve been dreaming about?” Tiger asked. “OMG YES!!!” Trixie said in a loud voice for the first time since she was born. “WHAT YOU… LOUD!” Tiger shouted. They build the rocket for 2 months until they are finally done.

 “We-were DONE !! Do you want to try it first?” Tiger asked kindly “M-me? O-ok!” She stuttered. They tested it and it worked but it did not go as planned they wanted to go to the moon but they went to far and out of our milky way and into a random galaxy on a yellow ,red and orange planet, it was stringy and delicious.

“We’re here but some were else. Where are we?” Trixie said cautiously.

Tiger saw the planet and replied “Well all that I know is that we have an infinite amount of cheese!SOOO GOOD!!!”Tiger replied excitedly. They came up with an idea to live there for a few years so they used the scrap from the rocket to make a house not the best but good enough to live there for two or three years.

They were happy as can be ,”I miss my mum! I want to go back!” Tiger screamed sadly.”Now now can’t we stay for a bit longer? I love it here.” Trixie asked in a sad expression. Tiger does not like the idea of staying.

They came back and saw that the Earth was CHEESE even their house and they were happy for the rest of there cheesy lives.


Hashan, Olive and Mike are  friends from politon town. They live a crazy life because of these creatures,the polerman.Hashan wants to be the best trainer. Hashan is an electric type,Olive is a psychic type trainer and Mike is a rock type trainer.Hashan finds pokerchew and befriends him. Then charreeree, a mystical inferno dragon is found and then he gets caught him.

Hasan,olive and Mike wanted to have a picnic so they went out to eat. As they sat down, the chairs screamed because they were a polerman,chairoseed. So they were forced to sit on the ground and as they bit their food it screamed too because it was a polerman,snackatacka .They felt pain in their mouth because they got stung by the snackatacka.The three friends ran away and went home. As they were going home, they got mugged but then pokerchew zap cannoned the robber and he died. When night came around, an ear piercing alarm came out of the tall, loud sirens.

The alarm was for a mysterious polerman,mowthree.Its body is always covered by permanent dark mist .This is the strongest polerman known to man.Hashan,Mike and olive  need to find mowthree.Hashan uses charreeree to fly to mowthree.Olive uses a abracabra to teleport and Mike uses tyranortor to get there quickly because tyranortor is 1.261billion ft tall.The 3 friends get there and meet mowthree olive says “its mowthree!”Mike said,”What are you MAD what are you on about!!”Hashan calms them down and they greet mowthree calmly.Mowthree telepathically says,”you don’t have to be scared,I won’t harm anyone unless someone does something dumb like assaulting or insulting me.”Suddenly a man said,”LET US BATTLE YOU WE KNOW YOUR A USLESS AND WEAK NOBODY!!!”Mowthree gets offended and grabs him-with his mind-and sends him out of earth.Mowthree agrees to the battle,which means the other people are in grave danger.Mowthree sends out all his polerman.The others send out all .The two teams fight for a painful 8hours and then the god of polerman comes.

Orceus is the god of all polerman and he descends into the battle field.Orceus lets out a huge roar,stunning the other people including Hashan , Olive and Mike.Orceus prevents this battle from going any further.Orceus has a one on one with mowthree and he says”Mowthree stop battling and be free,the polerman were made the be happy and free and your here fighting humans,I will set this world 🌎 free.”After that,everyone is back to normal-but not for long.0rceus starts stomping his hooves on the ground and then the humans start evaporating .where are they?

The scaly Mermaid and the fire breathing Dragon

A mermaid loved to dance on the surface of the sea and a dragon loved to fly across the sand and breathing fire. The dragon flies across the golden sand every day. Except for one day, he saw the amazing creature he had never seen her before and he usually watches the waves but he couldn’t his eyes were drawn to her beautiful dancing on the sea surface. The dragon wanted to show her some fire tricks but couldn’t get her attention. But when he finally did he was ready to show some tricks . He was blowing circles with fire but she didn’t seem interested. He wanted to talk to her but he couldn’t communicate with her and she couldn’t get out of the water or she’ll die. 

The dragon eventually got bored and left to his cave and the mermaid was astonished when the dragon left as she didn’t know what to do. The dragon was determined to not give up and visit the mermaid until he realised she was not there she was at the bottom of the ocean in a cave hiding she didn’t want to talk to anyone because she was too upset. The dragon felt worried for the mermaid but he knew it was his fault but he couldn’t change it. He  blew fire hoping for the best but it was no use so he went back to his cave and cried for ages. But eventually stopped and the mermaid never moved on and stayed upset for the rest of the rest of the night .

By Grace Renshaw.