In a small village in Ireland lived two young kittens one Tiger(short fur ,tabby, talkative) the other Trixie(long fur, shy, white kitten) they were best of friends since they were three years old. They both have been dreaming of being an astronaut when they grow up, as they tell their parents they don’t know what they’re going to say if they’re going to be kind and supportive or mean and horrible. Anger shone in their eyes as Tiger told their parents.

“WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE AN ASTRONAUT!!! *sigh* let’s get you some churros and think what you want to be.” Tiger, terrified, started to cry and wiped her nose while nodding for churros.

Trixie was supported by her mother and her father they both loved the idea of her being an astronaut .”OMG YOU’RE AN … ASTRONAUT. YAY, YOU’RE GOING TO BE AMAZING!!”They also went to get churros.

As they both went to the churro stand, they bumped into each other…CRASH…both Tiger and Trixie fell onto each other. “Tiger is that you? Oh my gosh it is you!” Trixie asked softly “Yeah are you getting churros too?”Tiger answered in a exiting tone. Happy, both got churros and ate them as quick as a cheater.

They were both very happy but not as happy enough they need an adventure come to find out what happened next. I wonder what? A beanstalk grows in their garden or they find three candy houses or even find their secret fairy grandmother.

“Trixie do you want to build the rocket that we’ve been dreaming about?” Tiger asked. “OMG YES!!!” Trixie said in a loud voice for the first time since she was born. “WHAT YOU… LOUD!” Tiger shouted. They build the rocket for 2 months until they are finally done.

 “We-were DONE !! Do you want to try it first?” Tiger asked kindly “M-me? O-ok!” She stuttered. They tested it and it worked but it did not go as planned they wanted to go to the moon but they went to far and out of our milky way and into a random galaxy on a yellow ,red and orange planet, it was stringy and delicious.

“We’re here but some were else. Where are we?” Trixie said cautiously.

Tiger saw the planet and replied “Well all that I know is that we have an infinite amount of cheese!SOOO GOOD!!!”Tiger replied excitedly. They came up with an idea to live there for a few years so they used the scrap from the rocket to make a house not the best but good enough to live there for two or three years.

They were happy as can be ,”I miss my mum! I want to go back!” Tiger screamed sadly.”Now now can’t we stay for a bit longer? I love it here.” Trixie asked in a sad expression. Tiger does not like the idea of staying.

They came back and saw that the Earth was CHEESE even their house and they were happy for the rest of there cheesy lives.