Tommy Falls in Love

Tommy and Ann were heading out, they did not know each other.  Ann was coming back from having dinner at her favourite restaurant and Tommy was going to the same restaurant. They bumped into each other and they looked at each other and said, “sorry  See you later bye Oh sorry, can I  have your number?” Tommy replied, “yeah, sure. We could probably hang out sometime.” They said bye to each other. Tommy was thinking he’d seen a girl who he really liked.   Ann was also thinking about Tommy.

Tommy called her and asked Ann if she would meet him at the park. Ann replied, “yes, I would love to!”.

Ann arrived at the park and saw that Tommy had planned  an entire picnic for her.  “Thank you! I just wanted to see you since we bumped into each other.” Tommy responded, “I’m trying to make up for walking into you. I’m sorry about earlier.” it’s okay thank you for giving me this picnic,   let’s eat now how has your day been. It’s been  okay I’m so sorry for bumping into you and I mean it I guess, guess I’ll see you soon, then. i’ll see you soon. bumping into each other again,. I’m so sorry we had a picnic together.  okay I’ll see you later then byeI’m going now. they meet each other again when they’re older, and then they realise that they saw each other in the past. fall in love…with each other again, and finally, they fell in love with each other, and they were together forever.

By Aimee