The phone that went astray by Awais Muhammad

 One day, When a man called Leo was walking down the park he had headphones on and was listening to the new hit song called  So good he loved the song. He loved it so much  that he would not take his headphones off .  Then his phone started to vibrate and since he had headphones on. He could not hear the vibration and then his phone fell out of his pocket. He was at the park when the vibration when happening since his headphones were on. He had no idea that the vibration was going to happen today . But right after the vibration happened the phone had fell out he had not noticed that the phone had fell out of his pocket.

After some time the phone had disappeared from his pocket it had landed in an alley way .This alley was not empty. A kid called James and then  he looked below him and found the phone. James was not having the best day he had a bad day at school. Then James picked up the phone. After James  picked up the phone the phone had the persons name on it and where he was. Then he noticed that the person was where he was going to somewhere that had things to play with and children over there.

So James made his way to the park but when he arrived at the park he could not see the owner. He knew how the owner looked like since it was on the phone. But after he was looking he thought of something in his head thought that he can keep the phone. I think this because if I repair the phone and it works really well I can sell it for a really extravagant price . 

As being a phone it is not very cramped but since there are two phones in hers it is making it very cramped. The phone that is with me is a Lake 23 ultra it brags so much about how much better he is than me when actually I am better than him. If you are asking what phone I am the powerful lolly 8 pro max. I even have 16.01 generation the highest generation for any phone I even work just like the selfish ugly Lolly 15 I hate how people say that the Lolly 8 pro max is the most bad phone in the world when it is actually better.

After some time Leo was looking for the phone  he could not find the phone. But he saw a kid and he had the phone. James did not want to keep the phone and he saw the owner and threw the phone at him. The owner of the phone was so relaxed after he saw the phone he had learnt a lesson from this that the internet is not always good and so is electronics not always good he zipped him up so he will not leave again  I was miserable that he had left me I became very stressed