The scaly Mermaid and the fire breathing Dragon

A mermaid loved to dance on the surface of the sea and a dragon loved to fly across the sand and breathing fire. The dragon flies across the golden sand every day. Except for one day, he saw the amazing creature he had never seen her before and he usually watches the waves but he couldn’t his eyes were drawn to her beautiful dancing on the sea surface. The dragon wanted to show her some fire tricks but couldn’t get her attention. But when he finally did he was ready to show some tricks . He was blowing circles with fire but she didn’t seem interested. He wanted to talk to her but he couldn’t communicate with her and she couldn’t get out of the water or she’ll die. 

The dragon eventually got bored and left to his cave and the mermaid was astonished when the dragon left as she didn’t know what to do. The dragon was determined to not give up and visit the mermaid until he realised she was not there she was at the bottom of the ocean in a cave hiding she didn’t want to talk to anyone because she was too upset. The dragon felt worried for the mermaid but he knew it was his fault but he couldn’t change it. He  blew fire hoping for the best but it was no use so he went back to his cave and cried for ages. But eventually stopped and the mermaid never moved on and stayed upset for the rest of the rest of the night .

By Grace Renshaw. 

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